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Combating Anti-Semitism

Stop The Hate

Aria Beckingham

The following is a list of reasons why people started hating Jews 

- Deemed responsible for the death of Jesus Christ

- Seen as greedy usurers 

- Caused "Black Death" epidemics 

- Drank children's blood for rituals 

- Blamed for the assassination of Tsar Alexander II

- Nazi ideology 

- "Jews run the World"

- Etc

The reasons that are stated above all have one thing in common and that is that they have nothing to do with them being Jewish and that most things listed above are false due to little or no education about Jewish lifestyles and beliefs. 

Judaism has 13 basic principles of faith:

  • 1.God exists.
  • 2.God is a single and unique presence.
  • 3.God is a spirit that can never be fully understood.
  • 4.God is timeless. His existence transcends time: past, present, and future.
  • 5.God alone should be worshiped.
  • 6.God does send prophets to make legitimate revelation.
  • 7.Moses is most-exalted among the prophets.
  • 8.God presented His law on Mount Sinai.
  • 9.The Torah is God's Law.
  • 10.God knows of human actions before they are done.
  • 11.Good is rewarded and evil punished.
  • 12.The Messiah will come.
  • 13.There is life beyond death

Jewish Beliefs and Lifestyles

Reasons For Anti-Semitism 

Aria Beckingham

Struggles that Jews Face

A day in the life of a Jew begins with prayer, the service of the heart. The first conscious thought of the day and its first uttered words are those of the Modeh Ani, which expresses the awareness of Gods presence in their lives. All though formal prayer must wait until one has gotten out of bed, washed, dressed and rushed to the synagogue, it is the very first job. In the words of the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law), "The time for reciting the morning prayers begins at sunrise.... From the onset of the time for prayer, a person is forbidden to visit one's friend ... to attend to one's personal affairs, or to embark on a journey, before praying the morning prayers."

After the morning prayers, the Jew proceeds "from the synagogue to the study hall" for a daily set time for Torah learning. From there they venture out into the secular world to attend to their material affairs and the business of earning a living.

These three activities are chronicled by the sons of Leah: Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah represent the various phases of prayer and its service of the heart; Issachar represents the study of Torah; and Zebulun represents the Jew's foray into the marketplace.

Jewish people go through a lot of struggles throughout their lifetimes because of stereotyping due to little knowledge.  Any religion, culture, or ethnic you are you should be treated with respect and kindness.

Jewish people are no different than any other person and deserve equality.

- Having a traditional last name and everyone assuming you're a practicing Jew

- Not knowing anything about Jewish religion 

- When people say we don't look Jewish 

- Getting verbally and physically abused

- Etc

Aria Beckingham