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Look What Came From Korea 

By: Sean Paek

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Service and Transportation------------------------------pg.9-10


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   Korea is a country with over 51 million people living there. (Compared to the U.S, were just a green spot in the sea). There food and culture is different from us, and their life is way different then ours. 

   North Korea and South Korea are very different. It used to be one, but then came the Korean War. In June 25, 1950, soldiers from both sides fought till  death. After the Korean War, they split into two. North Korea has a dictatorship, while South Korea has a government. South Korea has a monocracy, just like us.



On the bottom, we have the North Korean flag, while on the top, there is the South Korean flag.

    Koreans eat a variety of foods. One delicacy is dog. It all started when people were really hungry. In the war, people didn't have enough food, so started eating their pets. People still do it, as it is now a tradition. 

   Another food people enjoy is called Bibimbab (Bib-bem-bop) In America, people call it fried rice. It consists of vegetables, meat, sauce and spices. It is a primary appetizer. The most famous dish is a main dish called Kimchi (Gim-che) It is mostly placed on other foods and supports the taste. The spice is what it's known for. Kimchi consists of cabbage and spices. Did you know that Koreans put potato on almost anything? Koreans love potato, and there are more than 100 dishes that contain potato. Mashed, steamed, solid, and ect. (Fun fact: The most loved dish in Korea Gimbap(Gim-bap) which is similar to sushi.) Beer and chicken is also a tradition. This is only for special occasions and eaten at dinner. This is also served in restaurants and is also very popular. Speaking of beer, did you know that you can publicly drink? You wont get arrested. Korea is also one of the most drinking countries in the world. Soju( So-jew) is a very popular drink. It contains little alcohol, and also found in local restaurants.  


This is Kimchi

   Another food is sangyeopsal(seang-geup-sal). This narrow pork strip draws tourists attention. It is served in many restaurants. This food is another delicacy, but very easy to make. This meat is usually found in Gimbap as one of the ingredients. It is made from pork meat, and fried on a pan. This appatizer is usually for parties. There are also fast food places in Korea. Some of these food are Jjajangmyeon(Chga-chga-me-on). They would deliver this to you in 5-10 minutes. Restaurants take precious care of your food. On delivery bikes, they put special roofs over your food so it does not get wet.


On top, we have Jjajangmyeon.



      Entertainment is one of the most important things in Korea. It shows what our culture is about. The first entertainment is Korean Bullfighting, or So-Ssa-eum. It is not like Spanish bullfighting. In fact, it is bull vs. bull. Each bull must battle until one bull backs of. Kite flying is also very popular for young ages. Unlike bull fighting, this is more peaceful, and takes less money. Homemade kites are more popular than store bought ones. Different from kite flying, there is taekwondo. This martial art is a test of skill. You can level up and up until you are a black belt. This sport is also a massive attraction. 2 people fight with their feet until one is to tired or beat up. Many sports like this have protective gear. All these people have are headgear and a chest plate. Their bare arm, leg and face is exposed. Taekwondo is a very dangerous sport, and not attempted by many people.

    When all your family members gather up in one place, you know it's a holiday. Families from all generations get together and start dancing, and playing. This is a local tradition in Korea. As it is done in the United States, they have a party and parade on the central block at New Years Day. Music blares in the streets while people dance in the streets. Cars are blocked off for this occasion. Meanwhile, in the New Years section, there is another game people play. This is called Yut.  You throw 4 sticks in the air and see what you get. If one stick is upright, it is a do, and you go one space up. If 2, then it´s a ge, and you move 2. 3, then it´s a geol and you move 3. If all sticks are upright, it´s a yut, and you go 5 places. Then, you get another turn. If they are all backside up, then it is a mo, and you also move 5. You also get another turn. Whoever gets to the end first wins. This is usually played for money, and is a friendly game.


Service and Transportation

     Ever thought the traffic was bad in America? Well, in Seoul, the highways are so jammed, the average car speed in rush hour is 3.48 miles per hour. In New York, its 10 miles per hour. That´s a whole 6 miles. Highways are also very packed with road rage. Trying to drive in the highways is like trying to escape quicksand. You will get nowhere. If you try to escape the car usage, you´re not lucky. Subways are very crowded, along with buses in Seoul. There could be about 90 people in 1 subway car. The good thing about this is, that public bathrooms are very clean. Subways, train stations, boats, and even gas stations. Korea has one of the cleanest bathrooms in the world. 


    Have you ever heard about K-Drama? K-Pop? Or even the Gangnam Style? These all came from Korea. K-Drama is like American Drama, except, it´s not the drama you think it is. K-Drama features action, romance, love, and more. This is not just a romance story, K-Drama has a lot of different topics. The Descendants of the sun is a very popular K-Drama. It is universally known for it´s actors, and action. This is just one out of many dramas.

    The Gangnam Style was originally made from Korea. It described the city Gangnam, and turned really popular. There is a monument in Korea honoring the music video.

    There are many places to visit in Korea. For amusement, food, clothing, or ect. Amusement parks are very popular in Korea. One of the most famous amusement park is the Everland. It is packed with rides and is a perfect place for tourists. Amusement parks are nothing in the U.S compared to Korea. Korea has more bigger, and more advanced amusement parks. With actual living animals in Everland, this is the biggest, and most visited amusement park in Korea. Everland also has a water park and a zoo. The water park is called Caribbean Bay. Everland is divided into five zones: Global Fair, Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, Magic Land and American Adventure. These zones are all different. The Global Fair is mostly food, souvenirs, and stuff that visitors buy when exiting the park.

Places to visit

ZooTopia is another place in Everland. This place has a Zoo, a petting zoo for kids, and even a safari tour. Here they also do animal shows, and even a pony ride. There is also the Amazon raft ride, which is very famous in Korea. This scary experience will make you scared of rafts for the rest of your life.

    The European Adventure is filled to the top with European restaurants and arcades. There is a beautiful flower garden in the middle which also attracts many tourists. A favorite here is called the Mystery Mansion. In here, you can shoot at ghosts to earn points. The European Adventure didn't get the star attention until 2008. "T-Express" was added, which was the first ever wood roller coaster constructed in Korea. It was also the highest, fastest, longest, steepest roller coaster in Korea. If that bored kids, there is a place called Magic Land where your imagination runs wild. (Aesop's Village is where the characters and themes are primarily drawn from the tales of Aesop). Rides like the log fume, a flying futuristic ride, and a robot ride are on the other side. This is more for the older kids.

Places to visit

    The last and final place in Everland is The American Adventure. Like the European Adventure, this is also a place that dedicates it's portion to America. (Rock music and 1950's music sing out in the streets). Near X-Train, many live bands come to play to please the audience. The only rides here are the Rodeo, and the Double Rock Spin.

     Another fun place to visit in Korea is Jeju Island. It is known for it's beaches and the volcanic landscape. The Hallasan Mountain features a trail for hikers, and volcanic craters for scientists. When you come to Jeju Island would be to go somewhere, right? If you like dark places and caves, then welcome to the lava holes. These holes are almost 2000 ft below sea level, and has a whole as big as a giant. It was formed by cooling lava, and is now preserved in Korea.

Places to visit

     Some long years ago, many people didn't know how to read or write Chinese. You might be asking, why Chinese? Aren't we talking about Korea? Well, Korean adapted from Chinese, and now, both of our writing systems have characters. Well, back to the story. So, many people were poor and they couldn't afford the education. The King, or King Sejong the Great thought otherwise. He thought everyone should know how to read and write and made an easier language. It is the language we use now. He called it, Hangul. Now, the people loved him, and called him the most important king of South Korea. This Hangul also copied from Chinese characters, but sounded differently.


Notice how the pronunciation for the same numbers are different. One is called Old Number Korean(the older version of how to say numbers on the right), and one is called the New Number Korean(the new way of saying the numbers on the left).

     Clothing isn´t very different here in Korea compared to the U.S. Everyone wants to look fancy, so they buy clothes from Bean Pole, BYC Co, E-Land Group, Taekwang Industry, and ect. These are all similar to U.S. stores like Lord and Taylor, Lucky, Calvin Klein, ect. But in the rural areas, that´s when it gets different. People here have to do manual labor, so they don't wear fancy expensive clothes. Instead, they wear Jipsins or Namaksin for their shoes, cheogori for their shirts, and paji for their pants. They would also wear straw hats on them to block the sun.


Kids bow in front of their parents to say Happy New Years, and earn their money. They are wearing Hanbook.

     On the other hand, other people who live in the cities wear different clothing. Women adore jewelry and accessories, and men love expensive watches. The women buy most of their jewelry from shops like J. Estina, Monday Edition, and Avec New York. These are the 3 most popular jewelry shops in Korea. For men, brands like Beslow and Eastlouge are very popular. These clothes are worn in usually daily basis, but in holidays, it is a tradition to wear something different.

In New Years Eve, kids dress up in their Hanbook's and bow in front of their parents. They say "Sae Bouk Mani Badushaeu". This translates in English "Have a Happy New Year". For doing this, your parents usually give you money, which is like Chinese New Year, where people get money from  family and friends.

    Korea is full of geography. There are rivers, mountains, and Islands. Korea, itself, is an 750 mile long peninsula, but has a population of over 50 million. The U.S on the other hand has a population of 323.1 million people. For only 750 miles, that is a lot of people in one peninsula. South Korea has 1294 residents. per square mile. The U.S has 91 residents per square mile. This is almost a 12 times difference. That is why South Korea is so crowded. In Korea, there also are rivers. One of the major rivers are the Han River. It is 319 miles long, with 4 river parts in the Han River. The 4 smaller rivers are the Goljicheon River, Joyang River, Dong River, and the Namhan River. Many goods were imported and exported through this major river. The Han River flowed directly in the Yellow Sea, which made shipping very easy, as they had a lot of access.


This is the Map of the rivers.

      We all have unlucky numbers. 8, 17, 68, 54, any number. In the U.S, there isn't an actual unlucky number except for maybe 13. The number 4 might be your lucky number, but it's not lucky in Korea. In fact, they think April 4th is the most unlucky day in every year. The number 4 also sounds like "death" in Chinese. This culture is so serious, in apartments, there are no 4th flours. Instead, they replace the 4 for an f. Another bad luck is the color red. If you put someones name in red, it means they are dead or going to die soon. On the other hand, a pig is a symbol of luck. Pigs are considered wealthy, and are the Koreans luck symbol. 


        In the U.S, babies are 0 when they are born. That's cute and all, but we´re already 1 when we're just born. It's a culture that has been with us for years.  

     Here is how to cook fried rice.

2 cups of steamed rice, cooled.

4 rindless bacon rashers, thinly chopped.

150g Frozen mixed vegetables, thawed.

1 Tbsp soy sauce.

1/2 Tbsp msg free oyster sauce(optional).

2 Tbsp green onion, thinly sliced.

1 Tsp sesame oil.

Cooking oil.

Ingredients:                  Servings: 2



Measuring cup.


Wooden spoon.



Warning! The image will not be the final result!


-Take your pan and put your cooking oil on it. Put the Stove on medium heat and wait. Then, when hot, add bacon and cook for 3 minutes, or until crispy. 

-Add the frozen vegetables and cook for 4 minutes. Stir constantly.

-Add the soy sauce while reducing the heat to low. 

-Add the rice and keep mixing until it gets a different color. 

-Put the green onion and mix them in. Turn the heat off and serve. 

How to make it

How to Make it

This is how the progress should look like.


     Think you know your way around here now? Maybe come to Korea. It´s not a bad place to visit. Save your money and Look What Came from Korea!