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A little after Daniel Chong went to California Art School in San Francisco he was an intern for Cartoon Network, the company he would soon be working for. The internship was a lot of help understanding how everything works and what people do. Before Daniel started working for Cartoon Network was an animator for many popular 3D movies like The Lorax, Inside Out, and Bolt. For working in so many popular movies, Daniel won an ANNIE award in 2013. Some people think it is odd he is the creator of of a 2D animtion show when he has many worked on 3D movies, but this show is what he is most famous for. Now he is frequently interviewed by other celebrities and bloggers for his work.

I chose to research Daniel Chong as my famous animator because he created one of my favorite shows on Cartoon Network and he was apart of a few popular movies. Daniel is considered an animation pioneer because he has so much experience in animation 

Daniel Chong 

By: Sarah Rugambwa