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                                     " Me Against the World "

To achieve your goals
always do your best you can
in the course of the road
you will notice that things
don't  go as you planned
but go ahead you have nothing to lose.

 This means that in order to become someone in life you need to go through many obstacles and always give your best to overcome them , some things will be difficult   but it is worth risking to be able to have something better .


When the perseverance acts
nothing seems to be a dream
imaginable wishes can be made
have faith and lives without fear and
you will be closer to reaching you goal.

" Juicy "

 This means that as long as you are more persistent you can achieve many goals, more than you hoped to achieve. Being patient little by little you will see all the effort that you realized during all the time.

"Doop Wop ( That thing )"

Nature is beauty,
why wear hair weaves like Europeans
if you can prove that without fake nails
done by koreans your natural beauty
is the higher greatness.

 This means that it is not necessary to wear fake hair, branded clothes, to be a cute girl. Beauty is in your nature, we must prove that we can be beautiful being ourselves without need to change our body with operations.