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Happy Fall!

November already?! As we move deeper into the semester, Project BEST has more programming planned for you to be as successful as you can be before the year ends. It's never too late for academic advising; visit page 3 to see what our Academic Coaches & Peer Tutors can help you with and to schedule an appointment with them.


Scholars, it's important to make a habit of sticking to deadlines. Visit page 4 to view UCF's academic & financial deadlines, your money is depending on it!


Our Project BEST Learning Communities are up and in full effect! Careers in Health Professions, DKnights, Careers in Government & Non-Profit Work, and Parents & Family are all unique in their own way but have one similarity, they cater to you! Visit page 5 to learn all about them.

Happy Studying,

Project BEST Staff

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 Project BEST

10.20.16 TRiO Around The World

Student Development and Enrollment Services

Movie Knight Recap

On Wednesday, October 12, we hosted our first "Family Movie Knight" Potluck Style! Students were able to take a break from their studies to sit back and enjoy the 2015 block buster movie, Jurassic World, with the essential snacks (popcorn, wings, chips & dip, and more!). Make sure to take advantage of future cultural events coming up for more fun times with Project BEST!

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

Walk-In Wednesday: 8am-5pm


Howard Phillips Hall 208


Vol. 1, Num. 4

Nov 2016

TRiO Events to Note!

UF Graduate Tour Recap

UCF Campus Spotlight: Knights Helping Knights Pantry

SDES | Howard Phillips Hall 208 | Orlando, FL 32816-1920 | 407-823-4165 | |

On Friday, October 28th, the SDES TRiO Center attended our second graduate school tour. Fifteen scholars traveled to the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville, FL. In addition to learning about UF's admissions process and financial aid, scholars attened a Graduate Fair which hosted over 60 graduate programs. Scholars also enjoyed a guided campus tour and enjoyed lunch with UF Graduate students where they were able to have conversations about personal experiences, recommendations, advice, and plans for the future. 


The SDES TRiO Center will be hosting three additional graduate tours this year: Scripps Research Institue and FAU-January 27th, FAMU and Barry Law Schools-February 10th, and Florida State University and FAMU-March 17th. Seats are still available for many trips-reserve your seat today! Click Here

Do you think you have what it takes to be named TRiO's next star?! Find out at our 1st Annual Talent Show on Friday, Novemeber 18, 2016 from 6-9PM at the Teaching Academy room 130. All Prime STEM and Project BEST Scholars are invited to attend and/or participate in the show! Share your poetry, acting, dancing, or singing skills on the stage as your fellow peers watch in amazement. 


If you would like to sign up to perform, please do so by November 4th. If you are not performing but would like to attend, please RSVP at the link above. 


The Knights Helping Knights Pantry began from a class project in a first year LEAD Scholars course in 2009. UCF students wanted to create a food pantry where fellow students would have access to free necessities if they fell on hard times. This grass roots initiative strived to ensure that UCF students would not have to choose between buying text books or buying groceries. Since its inception, the Knights Helping Knights Pantry has expanded from a closet at the Student Union to its own suite located in Ferrell Commons attached to the All Knight Study facility.


Knights Pantry is announcing their new initiative, Knightro's Closet! They have 30 blazers (14 men’s and 16 women’s with a range of sizes) for students to borrow using their UCF Student ID free of charge for a period of 5 business days. This new initiative is in addition to the array of professional clothing available for students to keep, not rent.

 To learn more about Knights Pantry, please visit them here.

Student Development and Enrollment Services

Johnny tutors the following:

BSC 2010 & 2011; CHM 2040, 2041, 2045, 2046, 2210; STA 2023 |

Katia tutors the following:

MAC 1105, 1140, 1114, 2311; CHM 2011, 2040, 2041, 2045, 2046, 2210; STA 2023; PHY 2053, 2054, 2048; PCB 3063, 3703 & ZOO 3744; MCB 3020;

BSC 2010, 2011, 3403 |

  Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Kristen Guske 9AM-2PM 9AM-2PM 9AM-2PM 9AM-2PM  
  Barbara Vehabovic     12PM-5PM 12PM-5PM  
  Johnathon Fabrizio   10AM-1PM 10AM-12PM 10AM-1PM  
  Katsiaryna Khatskevich 2:30PM-5PM   2:30PM-5PM   2:30PM-5PM


SDES | Howard Phillips Hall 208 | Orlando, FL 32816-1920 | 407-823-4165 | |

Your Peer Tutors & Academic Coaches

Student Spotlight

Peer Tutors

Catherina Vernon

Project BESTer since Spring 2016

Catherina has been awarded the 2016 UCF Student Diversity & Inclusion Impact Award from the Office of Diversity and Inlcusion. Every year, ODI honors one UCF student, one UCF employee, and one community member or organization that is going above and beyond to positively impact diversity and inclusion. Catherina was nomated by Dr. Melody Bowden from the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.  


"Catherina is a model of diversity and inclusion. She honors and delights in differences among people, listens and observes intently without judgment, and acts on behalf of others with no expectation of acclaim or recognition."

Kristen and Barbara are your primary contacts to Project BEST! They are here to guide you along your journey to academic success! They are here to help you with academic advising, class scheduling, resume critiques, financial aid, IAP overview, time management, graduate school preparation, and more!
Make your appointment today!

Academic Coaches

Student Development and Enrollment Services

Project BEST Headshots

Make sure to iron your ties and fix your collars because Project BEST is offering free headshots for scholars! These headshots will help you build your professional brand online. You can make an appointment for your picture Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1pm-5pm or walk-in during those hours with your business attire on. Contact Giselle Duran at with any questions about the services. 

Important Reminders!

Veteran's Day | November 11

Thanksgiving | November 24-November 26

Scholars please remind yourselves to log onto Canvas and complete your required modules. Per your Project BEST Student Agreement, you are required to complete three Canvas modules per year in at least one of the following areas: Financial Literacy, Financial Aid, and Academic Wellness. If you are unsure as to your additional requirements, please contact your Academic Coach.

SDES | Howard Phillips Hall 208 | Orlando, FL 32816-1920 | 407-823-4165 | |

Student Development and Enrollment Services

Government Relations Panel Nov. 15



FAIRWINDS Alumni Center



SDES | Howard Phillips Hall 208 | Orlando, FL 32816-1920 | 407-823-4165 | |

Are you Pre-Med, a parent, wanting to work for the government, or wanting to become a doctor or dentist? Here is an opportunity that will help you become 1 step closer to reaching your goal The Project BEST Learning Communities provide scholars with resources, networking opportunities, and academic support catered to their specific interests. 

Manging Multiple Identities








Learning Communities

Careers in Government & Non-Proft

Parents & Family

Interested in making the "big bucks" working for the government? Maybe even as far as the CIA? Then the Careers in Government & Non-Profit Work Learning Community is a fit for you! This will bring together students interested in working in the non-profit sector to help them get connected to non-profit organiztions. If you are interested in joining, contact Barbara Vehbovic for more information.

Juggling the responsibilities of being both a parent & student? Then the Parents & Family Learning Community is for you! This LC will give parents the opportunity to come together to network, socialize, and share their experiences. If you are interested in joining, contact Rita Simpson for more information. 

Considering Grad or
Prof. School?






Preparing for Prof. School








Preparing for Prof. School










Careers in Health Professions

Looking to add M.D., D.D.S., D.M.D., etc to your name? The DKnights Learning Community welcomes all you future doctos & dentists to learn more about how to prepare for medical and dental school. Strategies to become more competitive and MCAT/DAT prep will be your favorite topics! If you are interested in joining, contact Kristen Guske for more information.

Looking to make a difference in the world after graduation? Careers in Health Professions is the Learning Community for you! Students interested in careers such as Physician's Assistants, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, and related fields can come together and share resources. If you are interested in joining, contact Lauren Murray-Lemon for more information.

Student Development and Enrollment Services

Event Learning Community* or
Certificate Program*
Date Time Location

Discovering Your Natural Abilities

 TRiO Workshop Nov.8 1PM-2PM   SU 224
Considering Graduate or Professional School DKnights* Nov.8  11AM-12PM  CSEL 121
Effective Studying Techniques

TRiO Workshop

Nov.14   1PM-2PM SU 221
Preparing for Professional School Admission

Health Professions*


Nov.14  1PM-2PM  SU 223
Government Relations Panel

Government & 

Nov.15  3PM-4PM 

Fairwinds Alumni Center

Managing Multiple Identities Parent & Family* Nov.16  11:30AM-12:30PM  SU 221
TRiO Center Talent Show TRiO Center Event Nov.18   6PM-9PM  TA 130

Stress Management

TRiO Workshop Nov.29   11AM-12PM SU 224





SDES | Howard Phillips Hall 208 | Orlando, FL 32816-1920 | 407-823-4165 | |

Scholars we understand that your schedules are bustling with class assignments, extracurricular activities, and more! Here's a quick reminder of some of our events going on this month so you don't miss out! This calendar is a mix of TRiO, Project BEST, Certificate Program, and Learning Community events.

November Events

Need to travel for the holiday break? Knight Flight offers a free airport shuttle during Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break to Orlando International Airport (MCO).


The schedule for Thanksgiving is as follows:

  • departing from UCF on Nov 22nd and Nov 23rd at 9:00am and 5:00pm
  • returning from MCO on Nov 26th and Nov 27th at 12:00pm and 7:00pm

Spots are limited, register here!

Student Development and Enrollment Services