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                                                                                       Hayao Miyazaki

                                                                                                     By: Gabriela VIllanueva

I choose to do my Famous Animator Booklet on Hayao Miyazaki because I have always loved his work. At home I have a lot of his movies and I wanted to seize the opportunity to learn more about him. He was considered an animation pioneer because of how well he could draw scenes and people. Also at that time animation like his was about lots of mecha and metal but he drew trees and nature instead.

Hayao Miyazaki was born January 5, 1941.  He had three other siblings, all male. His family made the parts for war planes in World War 2. He didn't like that his family made war planes and showed this in several of his movies.Due to the American Bombing of Tokyo his father moved his family into  Utsunomiya City. He became familiar with the forest there and that was shown in My Neighbor Totoro. His mother was also in bed a lot of the time because she had tuberculosis, also shown in My Neighbor Totoro. Miyazaki became interested in animation when he saw The Legend of the White Serpent in high school. In 1963 Miyazaki became an animator at Toei Animation. There he met his wife Akemi Ota. he played a major role was released: Prince of the Sun , a collaboration with the chief animator Yasuo Otsuka and the director Isao Takahata. Takahata would later serve as the producer for some of Miyazaki's own movies. In 1971 Miyazaki joined A Pro where he worked on a failed movie. In 1892 a company asked Miyazaki to make Nausicaa stories into a movie, this began in 1983. It was released in 1984 and was not very popular, but still made good money. With this money he made Studio Ghibli. While people other than him made the movies, he helped direct them. In 1990s the mother company of Studio Ghibli hit hard times and Kiki’s Delivery Service (Recently released) caught Disney’s attention. Disney offered them a deal that would release them from ffinancial struggles but they would have to distribute their films worldwide. They took the deal, obviously.  On January 4, 1998 Miyazaki declared that he would leave Studio Ghibli because of his failing eyesight, yet he returned to lead Studio Ghibli in 1999. He also made The Cat Returns (2002), which featured the Baron from Whispers of the Heart , and Lord Howl's Castle (2004).


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