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united nations international children's emergency fund

phong nguyen        6/29/16

unicef  origins

 the organization later move onto resolving other issues such as children's rights, education, nutrition, and health.

 unicef was originally created during ww2 by the united nations to help european children that are starving and had diseases. 

mission statement

 unicef work to establish and protect the rights of children and families in their communities who are in need of care and services.

 the mission of unicef is to assure the safety and rights of children. unicef helps children who are victims of violence, in poverty, being used, and having disabilities. 


 unicef's focus is getting children the devolopment they need later in life. Along with the essential education, and gender equality, they also treat children diagnosed with hiv and aids. also providing child protection, unicef assist children and families from natural disasters and epidemics.


 in 2013 during a polio outbreak in the syrian arab republic, unicef help the vaccination of over 2.2 million children.

in 2012 during the drought in sahel, unicef gave treatment to over 730,000 malnourished children under 5.  

 why you should join? 

 unicef is the perfect organization if you want to help kids around the world in need of support and care. you can help these children in their time of need, help support the rights of children, give them clean water to drink, educate, and protecting the children from acts of violence.