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Wacky Wild West
St. Francis by the Lakes Anglican Church
15th Annual Dinner Theatre Experience
Written by Sue Berryman Fung
Director: Sue Berryman Fung
Producer: Elaine Bishop
Music: Cynthia Stilwell
Gillian Anstle
Bob Strong
Tim Reid
Logan Astle
Pierrette MacLeod
Choreography: Jennifer Landry Reid
Set Artwork: Archdeacon Mark Kingsbury
Terri LeBlanc
Margo Gammon
Costumes: Madona Cooze
Margo Gammon
Marion Quinn
Props: Vic Bezanson
Margo Gammon
Lights and
Vic Bezanson
Chris Stilwell
Kevin LeBlanc
Mark and Julie Grandmaison
Beer and Wine: Richard Kearns
Coordinator: Carrie Peverill
Technical and Stage Crew
Deputy Festus Finnigan Archdeacon Mark
Starr Delight Jennifer Landry Reid
Dastardly Dan
Daniel L’Amour
Mark Grandmaison
Libby LaTouche Pierrette MacLeod
Slim Buckskin Carl Hausman
Georgia Fine Cynthia Stillwell
Tubbs Tulane Lloyd Snyder
Bilious Boggs Tim Reid
Paco Muchacho Brian Murphy
Poker Alice Margo Gammon
Cactus Pete Bob Strong
Casey Cantusso Logan Astle
Loretta L’Amour Elaine Bishop
Charley Gillian Astle
Marshall Beau Starshine Harold Irving
The Cast
Cricket Creek is a small town on the wild west
frontier. Starr Delight owns and runs the local
saloon, the Yellow Mellow Calico Alehouse. The
County Marshall, Beau Starshine, has been sent to
get crime under control and the local Deputy Sheriff,
Festus Finnigan, tries unsuccessfully to keep law
and order in place, while worrying about keeping his
job. Meanwhile, The Peach Cobbler Gang, an
unknown gang of outlaws, decide to build their
reputation and get rich by robbing the saloon, but
thrown into the mix is an evil villain and a cast of local
characters, few of whom are actually law-abiding
citizens. A high stakes poker game takes place as
Deputy Festus tries to solve crime and keep chaos –
and the town - under control!
Where You've Seen Her: This is the fourteenth year
Pierrette can be found on St. Francis Dinner Theatre
Stage. She also volunteered as a J.A. leader for 12 years.
Et Cetera: A true highlight of my year, being a part this
wonderful talented community. Every cast member brings
a little piece of themselves to make the words on paper
come alive! This won't be your typical Western, but one we
hope will put a smile on your face long after you've seen
the show. As always, a huge thank you to my family for
once again putting up with listening to me singing or
playing songs over and over again as I practice. I couldn't
be doing this without your support & encouragement.
Libby LaTouche
Where You've Seen Him: Carl can be found at church most,
not all but most, Sunday's sitting with his wife Angela and
family, coaching his son Owen and friends at a local soccer
field, or trying to keep up with his daughter Claire.
Et Cetera: Yet another year and the craziness continues.
Helping Sue bring her vision to life is always fun! I hope you
enjoy the show as much as I have enjoyed watching it
come together.
Slim Buckskin
Where You've Seen Him: Mark has been seen at St. Anne’s
Camp, with the JAs and at DYC. He’s also been seen at the
back of the church usually a little tardy – I’m still working
on the latter.
Et Cetera: We always look forward to the New Year
because Dinner Theatre is on the horizon. We are now on
that horizon and on stage for you! It has been months of
hard work and passionate dedication by many people to
get us here. Many thanks to Julie and my family for their
patience and support. Many thanks to Sue, the cast and
crew for the joy and memories we have created.
Dastardly Dan
Daniel L’Amour
Where You've Seen Her: Jennifer has been seen in
previous dinner theatre productions and always loves
singing and dancing for our wonderful audiences. She
teachers Grade Primary and is in the middle of taking a
Master’s degree at the Mount. Jennifer and Tim will
celebrate their 20
wedding anniversary in a few months
and they are the very proud parents of Miranda,
Cameron and Kaeden.
Et Cetera: Jennifer would like to thank her parents and
Angel Ryan for their help dropping off and picking up
children while she was at practice laughing and enjoying
the company of the most fun people on Earth! She would
also like to thank Miranda, Cameron and Kaeden for
encouraging their parents to participate in Dinner
Theatre, even though it takes up so much of our time. We
hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed putting
it together!
Landry Reid
Starr Delight
Where You Have Seen Him: Lloyd is a member of the senior
and Christmas/Easter Cantata Choirs and a Parish
Council member. He enjoys spending time with his wife,
Dawn and looks forward to his son, Johnathon returning
home from Memorial University. It’s a pleasure to work
with such a cohesive and dedicated group as The Saint
Francis Players.
Et Cetera: Tubbs Tulane has dreamed of a life of
adventure and the thrill of living by his wits since he left his
log cable home in the mountains of Kentucky. Having lived
his life in the mountains of his birth, often living hand to
mouth from day to day; Tubbs has learned to be totally
aware of his surroundings. Tubbs prefers living in life’s
slow lane, content to let others speed by him as they live
their high speed lives. As a result Tubbs often sees things
others miss.
Tubbs Tulane
Where You’ve Seen Her: Cynthia is a working Mom of three
who looks forward to this time every year where she gets
time to unwind with this fantastic cast and crew. A proud
mother to Andrew, Hannah and Ethan, Cynthia has a
career in health care, while enjoying her passion for music
“on the side”. She is most often seen on the highway or
roads taxiing children, cheering on her sons at sports
events, her daughter on the stage, or leading some of our
youth programs.
Et Cetera: Many thanks to my partner in life, my husband
Chris for your support and encouragement. To our
Director Sue, for her vision, perseverance and trust in us!
Finally, Cynthia would like to extend a huge 'shout out' to
her daughter Hannah who is a #1 fan, "understudy" and
cheerleader for the group.... not too many more years
until you will be sharing the stage Hannah!
Georgia Fine
Where You've Seen Him: Tim has been in a number of
previous Dinner Theatre productions, over the last 10
years. He plays a number of instruments; and believes he
is a talented singer despite resisting all direction from
other members of the music team.
Et Cetera: I would like to say thanks to everyone who has
helped us out with getting Cameron to hockey, Miranda to
dance and Kaeden to his various social engagements. I'd
also like to thank Sue for continuing to write parts for me
that stretch my acting ability beyond my normally quiet
and introverted personality. Finally, I'd like to thank my
beautiful wife Jennifer for joining me again on stage.
Every practice is like a "date night" (albeit with 12+ other
people) and I love to see her laugh and enjoy herself.
Bilious Boggs
Where You've Seen Him: Brian is head chef at the daycare,
“The Growing Place.” He can be found at home, where he
enjoys cooking a great meal for his wife and two girls.
Et Cetera: It has been another fun year of practicing with
a great cast! Thanks to my family for their support.
Paco Muchacho
Where You've Seen Her: Margo is soprano member of the
choir and can be seen driving back and forth to
Et Cetera: I am happy to be back and feel so blessed to be
able to spend the long winter days laughing, being silly
and learning new dance moves with this great group year
after year. Once again, thanks to Patti Reid for her
devotion to helping me get those lines down pat. Thanks
also to Mark Kingsbury for all the laughs during our
combined 56 hours painting the set. Till next year.
“ ‘bout time someone be adding some ‘citement
‘round these here parts”.
Poker Alice
Where You've Seen Him: On Sundays Bob helps the
Sunday School children with singing and music and sings
in the senior choir. Bob plays his guitar for the Thursday
Night Christian Program and is musical volunteer at the
Camp Hill Veterans Hospital and Cursillo. He also enjoys
singing in the Christmas Cantata.
Et Cetera: I am glad to be part of the fun, frivolity,
frolicking and foolishness for another year!
Cactus Pete
Where You've Seen Him: Harold and Lorraine have been
members of St. Francis for 43 years. He has held various
positions in the church throughout these years. You may
remember him in other Dinner Theatre productions such
as Graduation Daze or It’s My Party.
Et Cetera: Harold has returned to help bring law and
order to the small western town of Cricket Creek. It will be
a tough job, but someone has to do it!
Beau Starshine
Where You've Seen Her: Elaine is a member of Mothers'
Union and is currently St. Francis' Branch Leader. She can
also be found wandering the halls of Beaver Bank
Monarch Drive Elementary, where she teaches grade two.
Et Cetera: As always, dinner theatre keeps me going
throughout the winter months. Singing, dancing, and
spending time with the cast is a delightful experience.
Elaine Bishop
Where You've Seen Her: This is the 10th year Gillian can be
found on the St. Francis Dinner Theatre stage. When she
is not convincing the cast to do as many key changes as
possible, she can be found engineering things, trying out
Italian recipes, or dreaming up travel plans."
Et Cetera: A big thanks to the cast and crew, for all the
hard work and laughs that go into this. Extra thanks to
my family on and off the stage, and the friends who come
to support this strange and wonderful thing we've put
together. The biggest thanks goes to my talented and
patient husband, and my extraordinarily creative mother
Sue, who put so much work into this to support a shared
love of music and general silliness! Enjoy the show!
Gillian Astle
Where You've Seen Him: This is Logan's 4th dinner theatre,
and they’ve finally learned that it is best to have him at
the back of the stage, well away from the mics. That’s fine
by him though – the bright stage lights were starting to
Et Cetera: I'm very happy to be in another great show!
Special thanks to the cast and crew - especially to my
talented wife! As well, thank you to our friends and family
for returning for yet another year of our antics. Hope you
have a great
Logan Astle
Mark Kingsbury
Festus Finnigan
Where You've Seen Her: Sue continues to be involved with
volunteer programs through camp and J.A.’s and for TWO
more months will haunt the halls of the IWK where she is
grateful to work with the best team ever! Her favourite
things are spending time with her family, extended family,
and her “Five Alive” group! She is one of the “old originals”,
being involved in Dinner Theatre for the past 15 years .
Et Cetera: I continue to be amazed by the patience and
hard work of all the cast and crew, by the way they face
new challenges and by the hilariously crazy ideas they
bring to life. The dedication, creativity, and support of this
group of friends and family is a powerful force !
Berryman Fung