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Dances with Wolves

By Tyron Hilton

By Tyron Hilton



from left- Stands with a fist, John Dunbar, and Kicking bird in a Dances with wolves poster

When John Dunbar(Kevin Costner) was first sighed on the plains the Indians were afraid of him and saw him as a threat to their tribe. Others however thought he was the medicine man, the one they could make treaties with. 

As time went on the Indians began to accept him and took him on one of their hunts. This was just the start and he began to spend more and more time at the Indian village, eventually he went to live with them and married stands with a fist.

why did the white man (settlers) fear the Indians?

Above: The Sioux suround a pawnee warrior who was in a war party that tried to kill the Sioux people.

The white men (settlers) thought that the Indians were savages, the people who took children in the night, the boogymen. Most of the settlers wanted the indians to assimilate or killed.

Above: John Dunbars first contact with the Indians

Why was John Dunbars contact with the Indians successful? what was his attitude

John Dunbar was confident and paitent when first trying to make contact with the Indians because he liked their culture and lifestyle better than his and he wanted to learn from them, this gave him the reason to be so paitent. At first Johns contact wasn't successful because the Indians were afraid of him be he gradually began to speak their language with the help of stands with a fist who could speak both languages

Who made decisions in the tribe? describe how you saw the process in action

In the tribe the decions are made in a council of only men but overall the cheif made the final call.

we saw this in action when they were deciding what to do with the ''white man' / John Dunbar

The Indians were very traditional, in their way of life, their tools, their ways to hunt. The indians traditions were very different from those of the white men.

The indians hunt was were a warrior gain respect, honnor, and prestige. Before the hunt the tribe did the buffalo dance around the fire through the night and in the morning they would oack up their tipis and follow the buffalo to where ever they had gone to hunt the buffalo and when the hunt was over they would cut the tounge out of a buffalo and eat it raw as a delicacy.


What aspects of the traditional way of life did you observe? Choose one to describe in detail

The importance of the buffalo to the indian people was shown in many ways the first being the buffalo dance to give the luck while hunting the buffalo. the second being the indians use of the whole buffalo and not just the skins like the white man. When the indians found the buffalo dead and skined they were very solum and sad.

What evidence did you see to support the idea that the buffalo were very important to the indian people

Below: The Pawnee warriors sneak upon the Sioux Tribe

When John Dunbar gave his guns to the indians when there was an imminent threat of attack from the Pawnee tribe while the young men were away attacking another tribe, the way they fought changed, the guns made one warrior like two, the Sioux were ferocious and the guns gave them the upperhand and they drove the attacking Pawnee away. 

How did having guns change the way the indians fought their enemies