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How to make a fruit arrangement with some chocolate

Welcome to "How to make a fruit arrangement with some chocolate"

Follow these instructions and learn how to make a fruit arrangement at home! 

In a few easy steps.

-Step 1: Prep and cut your fruits

If you got any berries or grapes, wash them and take out the hulls (if any) and the stems (if any)

If you got any melons such as honeydew or muskmelon, cut in half and remove the seeds

If you got any pineapple, cut off the ends with a sharp knife then use the knife to remove the sides if the pineapple

If you got any bananas, peel the bananas and cut them to your desire length


Then you can just simply cut the fruits in half, in slices, in wedges, in squares or, in rectangles, yet if you feel more creative you can use shape cutters or a melon baller to create different shapes.

-Step 2: Dip the fruit in chocolate (optional) 

This step is optional but if you wanna add some sweet to your fruit arrangement you can dip some fruits in chocolate. To melt the chocolate you can use two different methods. First method is by melting the chocolate in the microwave, the other method is by using the double boiler method. 

         Double boiler method: Which is where you fill a pot halfway of water and bring it to a broil. Once the water comes to a boil, place a glass bowl on top on of the pot. Add the chocolate and wait for it to completely melt while stirring constantly to make sure none of the chocolate burns.

-Step 3: Prepare the base:

Get the base of your choice and add some styrofoam wrapped in plastic wrap or aluminum foil to the base

-Step 4: Assembling the fruit kabobs

This is the part where you let your creativity flow. Just grab the skewers and add fruits to the skewers in any way you prefer. Then you just insert the fruit skewers in the base in any order you feel putting them in.

That is how to make a fruit arrangement with some chocolate! Have fun making them 

Thank you!