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This book gives info and knowledge about the 9/11 attacks around the U.S.

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      9/11 Attacks:

 The Day of Tragedies that Changed the U.S.A


                     By: Ritvik Yaparpalvi

        Did you know how important 9/11/01 was to millions of people? Well if you don’t, here is something you should. The day of tragedies, 9/11/2001, was a major day because that was the day when terrorists attacked the U.S.


        The U.S.  was very cooperative with all countries. But some people thought differently. They were from a different part of the world. The U.S. didn't know who these people were until that day that changed everybody’s lives in the United States of America. It was a tragedy that would harm many people emotionally and physically.


       The people who did this were also known as terrorist formed by a ringleader named Osama Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden was also known as the founder of the terrorist group al-Qaeda. They wanted to seek revenge on the U.S for what they thought was a fight between their countries and the U.S. That is when everything started to change. It was all happening so fast as if the whole world was going to be destroyed.



  Before All of the


      Osama Bin Laden, the ringleader of the group who was as mean as it gets, planned out to revenge the U.S by attacking main and important buildings in the country. Manu terrorists flied into those buildings for him. That meant his plan had to have worked.


     The plan all started in the few airports on the East Coast of the United States of America. This included cities such as Boston, Newark, and Washington D.C. The security was not tight like today, so the terrorists easily got through the airport security. All of these planes were headed to the West, but they were turned around and were heading somewhere else.


     In NYC it was a calm day, like there would never be a cloud in the sky. Nobody figured anything would go wrong. Everyone was calm on a Tuesday morning. Many citizens were either going to work or were staying at home. But no one could tell what would happen soon. They would not know what would happen that would change millions of people’s lives.


The Planning of the Revenge 

     Back at the airports, the terrorists that sacrificed their lives to obey the ring leader were on the planes acting like normal people on a airplane ready to go to a city in California.  As soon as the planes were in cruise mode, the terrorists split up into different groups. One group went and harassed the flight attendants. Most of the flight attendants were killed on the airplanes, but one got a message through.


     Betty Ong got a message through to the main headquarters. She was on one of the flights in the 9/11 attacks. She tried to get help but the call  did not work successfully. These were one of her last words.


“We are flying low. We are flying very, very low. We are flying way too low. Oh my God, we are way too low!” --- Betty Ong, flight attendant


     As the other group killed the pilots and another group threatened the passengers. Passengers tried to fight back but it was impossible. The terrorists were too strong for them. They had no way from escaping.


     Sadly, this happened with the other flight that was headed to the twin towers. It was very unfair for the people on the planes to suffer what they had to. All of the passengers on the planes with the terrorists were innocent. But they could not do a single thing to stop the terrorists. Everything was happening as fast as the wind. None of the terrorists could be stopped.





           al- Qaeda Attack Action

     As the planes soon closed in on the twin towers, people did not know what to do. They tried to get help. The flight attendants could not even call for help. All the pilots were killed and there was no way to stop them. Everyone on the planes were doomed!

People started to realize that the planes were going in the wrong direction. People of the plane companies tried to get in connection but the terrorists got in the way. They cut off the connection so nobody would know who was hijacking the plane.


     al-Qaeda did not want anybody to know it was them. But the evidence was there. That evidence would help the U.S. figure out who it was later on after the attacks.


     The 2nd plane came not very long after the first one, striking the South tower. The South tower was hit 17 minutes later at 9:03 a.m. This tower as well as the first also set on fire and collapsed. This event was very important in the U.S. history.

Here are the the main terrorists who flew the planes in to the buildings.

      Injuries and deaths were the most tragic parts of this events. There were more than 2000 deaths and there are many thousands of injuries. Many families must have been worried if one of their family members were on one of these flights that were hijacked. Then they would also have to learn that their family members died. Many people who were at the top the towers tried to save their lives by jumping that great of a height. The thousands of people who died or suffered will always be remembered.


     As well as the deaths and the injuries, the money that was lost was very significant. The building was very helpful to the economy of New York as well as the country itself. The building was where a lot of trading with other countries happened. The reason why all these deaths happened were because the passengers were innocent as well as the people in the buildings. It was as unfair as a person who had nothing to defend against a bad person.


     And when the towers went down, the goods that came from other countries were hard to get because of the location where the building was. Right next to the Atlantic Ocean. This made it even more easier to hit it right where it would damage the building the most. Both the height and the location were key parts to the attack of the terrorists. 


     Nearby the Twin Towers were the World Trade Centers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Once the Twin towers collapsed many people also died and got hurt in the nearby buildings. This affected the economy as well because the World Trade Centers and the Twin Towers were all together.


     As bad as this seems itself, there were also the other two planes as well. The 3rd plane, Flight 77 of the American Airlines company was hijacked to. This trip did not take as long as the first two. But this one was hit in another significant place in the U.S.


     Flight 77 left from Dulles Airport and went straight to Washington D.C. Almost everything went the same between the flights that hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Both plane attacks were planned carefully to work in the terrorists way. That made it hard for the passengers to fight back. The plane smashed the whole left wing in the Pentagon injuring and killing many. But the fight did not end between the passengers and the al- Qaeda terrorists.


The left side of the Pentagon was crashed. 

     Lastly, the fourth plane in the four plane attack on america was one nobody will forget. The passengers and workers on that plane were heroes and heroines who would eventually die but save many other people’s lives. This plane was Flight 93 United Airlines from Newark. The people were brave and fought back against the terrorists and crashed the plane. Even though none of the people on the planes survived, their presence will always be remembered as well as their bravery.


     Flight 93 crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. The passengers worked their way killing and hurting the terrorist. They went up to the cockpit where the two pilots lay dead as the terrorists were guiding the plane. The plan was to head straight to the White House.  But since the workers and passengers fought hard, they saved many other lives.

 Workers  here  are trying to clean up the mess of the plane crash .

      Mohammed Atta

                      The al- Qaeda Terrorists


     The al- Qaeda Terrorists who attacked the Twin Towers consisted of nineteen higackers. Fifteen of the higackers were from Saudi Arabia, two from United Arab Emirates, one from Egypt, and one fromm Lebanon.  A main suspect of the higackers is Mohammed Atta.  Another main 


The Aftermath 


     All families that had a loved one such as a dad, mom, grandparents aunts, uncles, brother, or sisters will always remember them as a hero. 9/11 was an event that nobody would forget.  This act of terrorism motivated the U.S. to fix the flaws in their security. This change helped the U.S. become an even stronger country.

Mr. Obama's Fight to Stop al- Qaeda

     After changes in the presidency in the government 7 years later, from George W. Bush to Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, the fight to find revenge on the terrorists from the attacks became even more tense. By then America had gather a lot of information, but they did not have enough to track down Osama Bin Laden.


     When Mr. President got all the info he needed, he sent out the Marine and the Navy to kill the leader. Mr. Obama wanted to do what america wanted and what the terrorists deserved. the groups of soldiers found him hiding in his house in Abbottabad, Pakistan. He was killed on May 2, 2011, about 9 ½ years later, at around 1:00 a.m. the killing made many citizens happier in the U.S. that peace was brought to their side again.



     After 13 years, the new tower was built right where the old ones were. On November 3, 2014, the government finally announced that the new One World Trade Center opened. Right next to the new structure was a memorial to all of the people who died. This is for the losses of family members that decide to place a memorial behalf of the person. This place makes people emotional but the memorial is a very beautiful place to visit.


     One World Trade Center today is a very useful building and great in different ways. Now on the top floor, that was finished on May 10, 2013, is a very expensive restaurant. There are also great apartments with great scenes to look at out the window. But the most important one are the new offices which boosted the economy all around. The One World Trade Center was important back then and now in the present.