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Masashi Kishimoto

By Ananya Nagaraju

   Masashi Kishimoto            11/18/16-Today

Masashi Kishimoto is an animation marvel because of his hit series Naruto.I chose this famous animator because his drawings are full of action and come to life as you read his manga.He is an animation pioneer because he created several movies and many manga and sold more than 220 million copies worldwide.He used the techniques of many famous actors and directors.He has loved manga since he was a very young boy.

Masashi Kishimoto was born in November 8,1974 and the elder twin. Ever since he was young he loved manga especially Dragonball and tried to draw Akira Toriam's drawing (a famous mangaka artist).In elementary school, he created his first manga and named it Hitari-kun . He thought it was amazing, but the rest of his family members didn't like it as much.He was so addicted to drawing that he fell behind in class and ranked 30 in 31 class. He still didn't give up.After college he won an award for rising manga artists.He was given a few mangas to do such as Asian Punk,Maroi,and Mechanism,and ofcourse Naruto.In September 1999 his world famous manga Naruto came out. He married in 2003 and has one son.His favorite character from Naruto is Sasuke Uchiha even though he was hardest for him to draw.Naruto ended in 2014 but his new manga Boruto came out in 2016. He works for Shohen Jump Manga and TV Tokyo.

Why is he an animation hero?


  • Born on November 8,1974 in the Okayama Prefecture of Japan
  • Made his first manga in elementary school
  • Started drawing manga in elementary school 
  • Won the Hop Step Award for his manga Mechanism
  • Married in 2003 and has one son
  •  Won Rookie of the year award for his manga Mario
  • His father died in 2014
  • Won a Quill Award for his famous graphic novel Naruto
  • Made more than 22 million dollars up until now.

       World events

  • World Trade center opens-1974
  • 30th American Music Awards-2003
  • Robot makes first ever comet landing-2004


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