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When educators finish a lesson, the true test of success is the reaction of the students. Did we take care of their needs? Did they feel our passion? Did the students learn the material?

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Teachers can create students that are inspired and passionate about learning by how they react to students. Showing respect, being trustworthy, having an optimistic attitude, and the design of the lesson can all play a role in guiding students to that inspiration and passion (p. 157).

Students will also find motivation when the learning intentions and success criteria are made evident during the learning. Students need to know these and feel challenged by these (p. 161).

Teachers can use formative assessment to interpret their impact on students throughout the learning. This guides the lesson to provide students with the best opportunity to reach success criteria and learning intentions (p. 163).

What is a teacher's impact on student learning?

Teachers need to "invite" our students to learn (Purkey, 1992)

Students, You're Invited:

  • to help with the lesson's flow
  • see the learning intentions
  • see the success criteria
  • be treated with respect

Hattie, J. (2012). Visible learning for teachers: maximizing impact on learning. New York: Routledge.