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 My Many Poems

                      By: Peaches Hice 


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 Found Poetry  #3 

 Blackout Poem #4

 ABC Poem #5

Cinquain Poem #6

 Hiaku #7

 Bio Poem #8

 Shape Poem  #9

 Acrostic Poem #10

 Elegy Poem #11

Tanka Poem #12

 List Poem #13

 Lymeric Poem  #14

 Senryu Poem #15

 Epitaph Poem #16

 Damante Poem #17



                    Found Poetry - Loving Heart 


      Im a heart across from you 

Lately feeling this whole world 

Stare me in the eye 

Baby your arms wrapped around 

Say what you came to 

Love, long sweet ride 

Only for you, the one who makes 

her crazy 

        BlackOut Poem- Only a Matter of Time 

Friend sweet voice 

beats heart wildly 

wanted hear angel together 

promising eyes stopped darkness 

world turned black 

                   ABC Poem- A girls Mind 

Girls are hard to understand 

He doesnt even know 

Im always changing my mind 

Just because, thats so 

Kinda want a kitty cat 

Lollipops are sweet to 

       Cinquain Poem- From dog to Pitbull


Strong, Hyper 

Jumps, licks, eats 

My best friend 


       Haiku- Time with him 

The times im with him 

Cannever be dull at all 

Until we fall down 

        Bio poem- Kevin 


smart, Mine, Kind

Boyfriend of me 

Videogames, me, music 

Loved annoyed happy 

Bad grades death 

Honor roll, game achivements 

Going to Japan, getting a job 

Ratcliff, Arkansas 


              Shape Poem- Mountain range  



                                        So far away yet looks 

                              So close looks big even though its  

                    Far away get's real foggy up on the top it looks 

               Like a big huge rock in the distance yet up close to us 

       Humans its just like any other piece of earth it just a plain rock 

                 Acrostic Poem- Junior Mints 

J ust woke up 

U nder my bed lays my clock 

N ow its time to get up 

I t's already morning 

O n this side of the earth 

R ise  -  N - Shine 


M ornings are the worst 

I nside this little town 

N ext day will be the same 

T ill we leave this world 

S tart the day without a frown 

                       Elegy- You will be Missed 

Ill miss you so much my dear kitten 

Ill miss the times we were together forever 

But forever ended before it should 


You were so brightly colored with orange 

Playing was your speciality 

Cuddling was what we did together 


Maybe one day ill see you again 

When its my time to go 

All animals go to heaven 

atleast i hope thats so 

                                 Tanka- Kittens 

Kittens are so cute 

Im getting a new kitten 

I get it tuesday 

My early birthday present 

It loves to play all the time 

                       List Poem- Things I love 

There is a lot of things I love such as 

Kevin, My mom, My dad, Peaches, Watermellon 

Pineapples, Kiwi, days off school, Dexter my kitty 

Night time, The moon, Summer, Newbie our dog, Romance 

Movies, My birthday, Kevins birthday, and December the 2nd 

                Lymeric- Frank went to the Bank 

There was a young man by the name of Frank 

He liked to watch people at the bank 

He was a weird guy he was 

Eating icecream is what he does 

He drives his tank to the bank 



                Senryu Poem- Tigers and bugs

Tigers eating bugs

They liked to give them big hugs

 Run away weird bugs  


                             Epitaph- My Saying 

"Don't let the dinosaur bite" --- Peaches Hice 

                             Diamante- Fruit 


Juicy, Tasteful 

Grows, feeds, hurts 

Growing for food, Grows off vines 

Grows, feeds, splatters 

big, delicious