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tacks about the Amazon

The ecosystem the Amazon Rainforest this essay shows its plants and the animals that live in it and who live.It will also show some a problem of the ecosytem and once agen it's plants animals.


The Amazon rain forest is my biome it is full of animals like the Howler monkey which is the loudest animal in the new world they grow to be about 2 to 4 to tall and weigh 8 to 22 pounds. The black panthers are also part of the amazon rain forest biome To review some animals in the amazon we looked at are the Wholler monkey and the black panther.One animal we havent seen is the scarlet macawthey eat nuts and frut they live up to 60 years.The toucan is famous for thear oversized colored beak The Harpy eagle is one of the worlds most powerful eagles it’s claws are longer then a grizzly bars claws.the Anacon is the largest snake on earth they can eat a jaguar they squse ther pray tell they passout.



Plants are also an important part of any good biome so let's take a look at the ones in mine the Brazil nut tree can grow to be 160 feet.

The plants in the Amazon consist of The flora bto make medicine,Parrot Flowers and False Birds of Paradise are plentiful in the Amazon Rainforest. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and only allow a bird with a specialized beak to reach the nectar. 

A plant in the Amazon


Deforestation is caused by expansion of aquaculture and to get money by selling cut down wood.The Amazon rainforest is very dependent on trees because a lot of it’s animals live in trees hide in trees eat things in trees these things could not be done without trees for all of the animals and other animals may rely on said animals and so forth this could destroy the entire Amazon rainforest ecosystem.You shouldent quote me but i belive ther some zones that are proted cant have trees have trees cutdown i think this helps some spots in the Amazon rainforest.


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