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Martin Ynoa


Hip Hop is poetry

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Hip hop to love him as a second friend.

People who no longer exist never leave our minds.


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A poem is a literary work especially in verse. It is considered to be that work belonging to the genre of poetry. My poem shows a lot of example similar to the meaning.

As a friend I met you, as a friend I look at you and a day without thinking of you I fall in love.


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The images represent what we are talking about in poetry. My poetry shows an image that rhymes with poetry.

“ End rhymes”

Hip Hop is your best friend even when you feel alone, listen to it and you will never feel alone ever.

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I like to listen to hip hop music.

End rhyme, in poetry, a rhyme that occurs in the last syllables of verses, as in a  stanza.

My example shows final rhymes because it rhymes from the beginning to the end of poetry.

Thank you very much for giving me one second of your attention.

I hope you liked my project.

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