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This building is called Tikal, There are more than one of these.

This is where Guatemala is.


This is the Guatemala flag.

This bird is on the flag of Guatemala.

This is a famous statue in Guatemala.

-The capital city of Guatemala is Guatemala city. 

-There are about 16.58 million people. 

-The area of Guatemala is 42,042 miles.

-This country is a democracy there is a Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branch and they have elections, They are elected by parties. 

Basic info on Guatemala

The absolute location of Guatemala is 16n and 90w.

The president of Guatemala is Jimmy Morales.

This mountain is called Tahual. It is 5,630 feet.

Landforms in Guatemala

In Guatemala there is a volcano, it erupted March 25, 2017.

In Guatemala there are also a lot of plateaus, a lot of them are made of limestone.

  1. In Guatemala there are 2 seasons a dry and wet season.
  2. The average temperature in Guatemala is 74°f and the coldest is 63°f in January
  3. In Guatemala there is a cool climate zone and a tropical climate zone
  4. The tropical zone stays above 77°f while the cool zone says below that
  5. The tropical zone is on the coast
  6. The cool zone
  7. The perception per year is about 51.8 inches so it is about 4.3 inches every day

Cool climate zone


Tropical climate zones

This is the antigua cross it, looks over the city.

Man Made features

This is called tikal it was made 600 A.D.

This church is called Iglesia de la Merced, it dates back to 1767. It is also a christian church.

This is gold                                                           this is silver

  1. In Guatemala they are know for their rich soil
  2. They also have a lot of oil companies in Guatemala like Perenco
  3. They also have gold and silver in Guatemala

Natural Resources

This is their leading oil company Perenco

  1. In Guatemala some of their main industries are furniture this is a huge one
  2. Another big one is clothes there are a lot of department stores in Guatemala
  3. The last big one is rubber and rubber bands

There are more than 15 clothing in this little area

This is one of the biggest countries who make rubber band in central and south america


This is the only 5 star furniture store in Guatemala

  1. In Guatemala there biggest part of agriculture is a banana but did you know it is a berrie. They also have more sold then apples and oranges combined
  2.  Coffee beans is 49% of Guatemala agriculture there is estimated to be 40 million sold yearly so that's 5 million cups sold yearly by the way this is a tiny country
  3. the last big thing is sugar there are about 77 thousand people who just work on sugar

This is a banana tree


This is a couple of coffee shops in Guatemala

This sugar cane in Guatemala

  1. Most of Guatemala is protestantism with is like christian but this is 40% of the country
  2. Most holidays in Guatemala are just like america except independence day which is September 15
  3. the three big languages spoken in Guatemala are english, spanish, and french

On independence day they have a huge parade


This is a christian cross

This is a pie chart that shows the main languages