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It's a resort... at the beach

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Welcome To Rimi


A Kid and Parent friendly

Come and join us in the 

fun, we'd love to see ye 

guys over here as 

a welcomed family

or even for a honey moon.

Come join us on







Rimi Resort Info

Now On Rimi Island every Saterday

night, The Rimi Boyz come

on stage to sing and plays their songs live for evryone. On Saterdays at

9:30 we shut on the

lights, and have them sing to us!


Some people like to say Rimi Island Is like Living In royalty and that they love that you can pay at the begining and dont have to pay for the rest of the trip. The waters are free for swiming in the day, although at night we perfer for parents to come out and enjoy them selves without having kids making them worry. At night kids can go the game room, where there is a juice bar a bouncy house, a indoor swimming pool, and lots more. There will be Three Workers to look over the kids, One is a life gaurd, One is a one ground gaurd, and the other is and bungy jumping and rock climbing gaurd. So parents feel safe when you leave your kids while you go relax. 

             Come Join Us On Rimi Island Today.

See Us At~

Adress- @Island in the middle of no where

Email- @IslandInTheMIddle-

Number- 123-456-7890

Instagram- @IslandResort-


Backup Number-




There is a WILD TAC0 zoo that everyone MUST SEE it is

an amazing Z00 with WILD TAC0S. Yes, yes, this sounds extreamly weird but THEY EXIST and you people should totally see them.



6:30am~ Breaksast Down in the Main hall.

12:30pm~ Luch outside, or in the main hall.

10:00pm~ Rimi Boyz Play Live {ONLY ON SATERDAYS}

Repeats, for the empty slots You can Do What ever your

heart wants you to do


See Us At

Rimi Island