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The Diary of Anne Frank 

 Period 1: kathleen Lenahan and Heather Barnes


At the beginning of the play Mr.Frank visits the home that he and his family spent twentyfive months of hiding in. Mr.Frank may have felt regret and anguish because of the fact that he was the only person in the hiding home to live. In his tone of voice you could tell that he did not want to return to the home,but when Miep finds Anne’s diary Mr.Frank feels connected to Anne as her voice begins to morph with his. If I was Mr.Frank I would not have wanted to return, but finding Anne’s diary would have been a wonderful discovery that I would not regret. Because Mr.Frank found Anne’s diary he was able to share her story with millions of people and that is probably something that she would be grateful for.  



The First Day 

I most likely wouldn’t be able to be a protector for any Jews during this time because I would always be paranoid when the Nazis are near, fear of getting taken in. Honestly, I think nobody in my generation would help protect Jews because we are selfish and cocky. I would constantly worry that the Jews would get caught, distracting me from completing my daily work. Also, I don’t have the experience of taking care of people. In other words, I would not be a good candidate for protecting Jews. If you were looking for someone to help protect Jews, don’t pick me.



Long Days 

As the months go on, the Franks and the Van Daans start to annoy each other. At this time, I would most likely get along with Anne because she always shines light on a negative situation. She a bit rebellious and cheerful. According to her mother, Anne is wild and self-willed. Anne is also open-minded and an incredible thinker. She comes up with good solutions to a problem. For example, when Dussel wanted to stay with the two families, Anne thought of a way that he would be able to fit in with the families. Anne is creative and, in my opinion, a person I would get along with well.


Trouble Getting Along 

The families in the hiding all have things that they miss. Just the simple things in life like a warm shower going outside on a nice day or seeing friends would be things that I would miss. I would feel extremely depressed if I was in the same situation that the families were in. Not being able to go outside of even speak for many hours.Staying still and silent for many hours would be so upsetting and boring. Everyday would be sad. I would live in constant fear, and like Anne I would have nightmares of being found. I Would miss the simple things that I take for granted.   

Missing The Simple Things 

My favorite family holiday celebration is Christmas. However, if my family were in hiding like the Franks, we wouldn’t have the supplies to celebrate it. Instead of a Christmas tree, we would probably find a stick and wrap lights around it that a protector would supply for us. For the food, we would have small things or little portions of bread and maybe turkey, if we’re lucky. For presents, we have makeshift or homemade ones. For example, Anne made a gift her sister Margot by scribbling out Margot’s old word search book so she can do it again. My family would come up with intelligent gift ideas and attempt to make them.



Mr.Frank says “she puts me to shame” Anne says how she believes that people are really good at heart, Anne was the only person who had probably thought that about the Nazis and the Gestapo. Anne looks at everything in a good way and knows that every cloud comes with a silver lining that she can see good in a bad situation. Mr.Frank loved Anne and just as every parent he wants his children to be happy and Anne never really was able to live her life. This quote is appropriate for the ending because Anne is so understanding and even with all the horrible things in the world she still tried to stay happy, talking with Peter, making hanukkah gifts, and writing in her diary. Anne was a great person and would be very happy to know that her story is being shared all around the world.              

Finial Days 



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Act 1 Scene 1        2 Kathleen Lenahan Heather Barnes
Act 1 Scene 2        3 Heather Barnes Kathleen Lenahan
Act 1 Scene 3        4 Heather Barnes Kathleen Lenahan
Act 1 Scene 4        5 Kathleen Lenahan Heather Barnes
Act 1 Scene 5        6 Heather Barnes Kathleen Lenahan
Act 2 Scene 5        7 Kathleen Lenahan Heather Barnes



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