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The secret facts of sugar

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did you know? 

one yer from now you'll have thrown away around 200kg of packaging. this is equivalent to 1.9 million tonnes of packaging from every person in australia, and is enough to cover the melbourne cricket ground 9 times.


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Did you know? sugar is one of the most damaging substances that you can ingest. when consuming to much sugar it effects your body for example it overloads and damages your liver, it tricks your body into gaining weight it also increases your uric acid levels this can cause heart and kidney disease.


SUGAR a drug???

sugar is one of the worlds oldest ingredients. sugar can also be reaconised as a drug as it has some effects on opiod pathways within the brain the same system that is manipulated by drugs like heroin and morphine. This is why highly processed sugar-laden foods make some people loose control over consumption.

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 One year from now, you'll have thrown away around 200kg of food packaging. this is equivalent to 1.9 million tonnes of packaging from every person in australia, and is enough to cover the melbourne cricket pitch 9 times.


In less developed countries as much as 50% of food never reaches consumers


Food Packaging

food packaging is used to store and keep food safe and fresh when travelling. the typees of materials used for food packaging is:

      - Glass

      - Metal (aluminium, foil)

      - paper

      - plastic

      - foamed (polypropylene)

most food packaging's can be harmful to our environment for example 28% of our ecological foot print comes from food packaging. we could improve these statistics by reducing the thickness of each plastic rapper. Thats why PAC trading is a company that makes sustainable food packaging for cafes and fast food takeway stores. food scraps are a good thing as most paper and soft cardboards break down into a compost for your garden. also many vegetables, fruits, coffee ground and foods made of flour are good for composting while meat products and dairy products attract rodents and other scavenging animals.


Mark's Delicious Lamb Cutlets


1. marinate the lamb cutlets in alittle bit of salt, pepper and oil.

2. place a frying pan with alittle bit of oil and a steam of rosemary  on the heat.

2. place the marinated lamb cutlets in the frying pan.

3. cook each lamb cutlet for 3-4 minutes on each side.

4. while the lamb is cooking on the pan, prepare a garden salad, by adding diced cucumber, lettuce and cherry tomatos.

5.serve the lamb on a platter with a couple of lemon wedges and the bowl of salad.



- 8 lean  lamb cutlets
- salt
- olive oil
- lemon
- rosemary

- pepper




serves 2

follow this recipe for the perfect aussie barbecue lunch with the family.

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