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Lily makes a fruit salad for her neighbors.

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Lily Gets New Neighbors!

Lily     is     ge ng     new      neighbors
Lily     wants     to     make     a     fruit      salad     with     her     mom      Let   s      see     what     frui...
We     have     one      strawberry
Strawberries     are     red.     They     grow     on      plants.
We     have     two      cherries
Cherries     are     red,     too.     They     grow     on      trees.
We     have     three      papayas
Papayas     are      orange.                  They     grow     on      trees.
We     have     four     kiwi
Kiwi     are     green.     They     grow     on     trees.
We     have        ve        gs
Figs     are     red     and     purple.     They     grow     on      trees.
Here     is     all     the     fruit     in     a     bowl      It     is     ready     to      take     next     door   ...
Lily   s     neighbors     loved      it     so     much     they      asked     for     the     recipe

My name is Katie Bryant. I am a student at Oklahoma State University. This is my first children's book to write. I hope you enjoy it!

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