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Sloths Are Sloths

By:Chase Dolar

Deticated to:my family and sloths



By:Chase Dolar

Published Febuary 6,2017

Mrs.Scots 5th Grade Reading Class

  Ch.1            Where it lives                    Pg.6

 Ch.2 Size/vertibrate or              Pg.8


 Ch.3  Eating habits                   Pg.10

 Ch .4 Adaptations                    Pg.12

 Ch.5  Discription                       Pg.14

 Ch.6  Interesting facts             Pg.16

            About the author           Pg.18

Table of Contents

    Sloths are slow mamles that live in North,

South,and Centeral Amarica.They live in the 

canopy of the rain forest.

Chapeter 1 


Where Dose It Live

Baby sloth in naturel habitat

    Sloths can grow up to 27 inches when fully grown and they are vertibrate wich means having a spine.

Chapter 2

Size/Vertebrate or Invertibrate

Sloth fully grown


    Sloths are known


to climb trees and 


scavenge for food


like flowers,fruits and



Chapter 3

Eating habbets

Food sloths eat

     Its slow speed lets algae grow on its fur so it can blend in with the trees.They have long limbs and torso and long nails help it climb trees.They also have long toungs.They sometimes stray away but they can cuddle.

Chapter 4


Sloths showing off some cute skills

    Sloths are big brown to tan animals.They have long limbs and torso for climbing and a big toung for eating leaves and food.They also have a greenish apperence due to algae.

Chapter 5


Sloths eating and poking out toung

    Sloths are an endangerd speicies you know.Do you know whats bad selling them on the enternet thats right the enternet while they are babys without their mother what whould god say to people selling his creations on the enternet!On the other hand sloths are realy cute animals in the rainforests with people are cutting down seriosly first we sell them now we kill them come on people save the rainforests and recycle!When peple cut down the trees they polute you know and they leave the animals in bad shape.But sloths have been around sence the dinosours you know.Also they appear in many movies like ZooTopia

Chapter 6

Interesting facts

These pics are what people make and do to animals wheter its killing selling or polluting its no good

  X              X



    I am Chase Dolar and Im 11 years old and I like bears and sloths the most out of any animal and I am angrey what people are doing to them.Im also a brony wich means a boy who likes MLP.If you or any body wants to help sloths donate to some rainforest charity.

About the author