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Human Body systems





1.What is a Human body?


2.List of Human body systems


3.Function of Human body systems


4.Interdependence of Human body systems


5.Ways to keep our body strong and healthy


6.Pictures of Human body systems


What is a Human body?



A Human body is a structure that has internal and external


organs are the organs which are inside our body and the


organs which we couldn't see.External organs are


the organs which are out of all the internal organs and


the organs which we could see. We have many body


systems in our body,and for the body systems to work, we


need the organs in our body.So,each body system has


a few organs in them.












List of Human body systems


1.Respiratory system


2.Skeletal system


3.Circulatory system


4.Digestive system


5.Muscular system


6.Excretory system


7.Nervous system


8.Immune system


9.Endocrine system


10.Reproductive system

Function of Human body systems


Function of Human body system means, How does Human


body system work. We know that there are a few organs in


each body system in our body. Each system in our body


will take care of one thing, and to finish that thing they are


take caring about, they use the organs, and by using the


organs,they make a process to finish the thing they are


take caring about. They don't take care of a thing like a toy


or something like that, they take care of our breathing


and digesting our food and something like that. If even a


single system won't work in our body, then we'll not be













Example:Function of excretory system




Example:Function of Excretory system


Excretory system-The  Excretory system takes out the waste


out of our body.(Waste liquid). The parts of the Excretory


system are,the kidneys,the ureters, the urinary bladder and the


urethra So,when we drink water or juice or any kind of liquid,


The liquid goes into our body, but the urine(waste liquid)goes


into the kidneys. The kidneys will filter the blood and send the


urine through the ureters to the urinary bladder. After the urinary


bladder is full of urine,then we feel to go to the washroom. After


we go to the washroom,the urine goes out of our body through


the urethra. This is how the excretory system works or









Interdependence of body systems



Interdependence of body systems means, two or more


than two systems working together or depending on each


other. Systems working together can also make organs


working together. While one system is working, then


from that system whatever is useful to the ohter system


the system will send it to the other system, then the other


system will start functioning. If even one system won't


work in our body, then the other systems won't work also,


and if the other systems won't work in our body, our body


will have a problem or, we will not be alive.

Example:Interdependence of Respiratory, and Circulatory system

 The Respiratory and Circulatory system Interdepened on each


other. The parts of the Respiratory system that are used in this


are,the nose,trachea and lungs. The parts of the Circulatory


system that are used in this are, the Heart, the areteries and


veins. So First,when we breath in, the oxygen goes from


the nose through the trachea to the lungs. Then, the oxygen


goes from the lungs to the Heart. After that happens, then


only the Heart could pump the blood throughout our body.


The Heart dosen't pump the blood directly thrughout our


body, it pumps the blood throughout our body through


the arteries. The arteries are thin tubes in our body. If


there is any waste blood in our body, then the veins send


the blood back to the Heart. The veins are also thin tubes in our





Ways to keep our body strong and healthy

To keep our body strong and healthy, we have to excercise


regularly, eat healthy food, have a balanced diet, see TV for


 only 2 hours or 1 hour, don't eat junk food, and do many


more other things. We have to eat healthy food like


vegetables, fruits, minerals,carbohydrates and etc. A


balanced diet means eating the right amount of food.


If we have a balanced diet, then every thing will be


correct and we won't have a stomachache or teeth ache.


We should see TV for only 2 hours or one hour because,


our eyes will have a problem or we'll become obese. We


shouldn't also eat meals while seeing TV. Eating junk


food is not okay for our body at all. If we eat junk food,


then we'll become obese or we'll have a stomachache or


teethache. So, we should eat more healthy food than junk food.