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By Braylen Clements

                  Dedicated this book to my grandparents. My couzins, my brothers, and my mom and dad.

               Leopards Place










By:Braylen Clements


Published February 6, 2017 Mrs. Scott's 5th


Grade Reading Class


   1.  Where Does it Live?    Page 6


   2.  Size , Invertebrate or Vertebrate     Page 8


   3.  Eating Habits                Page 10


   4.  Adaptions                      Page 12


   5.  Description                    Page 14


   6.  Interesting Facts          Page 16


         About the Author         Page 18

Table of Contents









     Leopards live in Africa and Asia in the rainforest.


In those rainforest they live on the forest floor.

Chapter 1 Where Does it Live?

Capter 2 Size, Invertebrate or Vertebrate


  Leopards are vertebrates. They are 28 inches


long weighing 62 to 150 pounds.

     Chapter 3 Eating Habits


    Leopards eat birds, small mammals, rodents,


warthogs,antelope, deer, monkeys, baboons, fish,


reptiles, and even carrion



     Leopards have spots called rossetes, that help


camoflauge them in dappled light.   

     Chapter 4 Adaptions 


     Leopards have golden tan fur with orangish


brown eyes, or hazul blue eyes.

Chapter 5 Description



   Leopards can run over 36 miles per hour. They


can leap over 20 feet and jump over 10. They are


nocturnal animals meaning they they are active at


night asleep at day.

Chapter 6 Interesting Facts


     Braylen Clements is a loving of cats person. He


got interested in all cats after reading the Warriors


series. He is an active young boy who loves being


inside or outside. He is 11 years old, goes to


Montana Magnet School. He wrote this book


because he learned about the rainforest and the


creatures that live in it in Mrs. Scott's Reading Class

About the Author