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Reason's why children go into care

Rochelle McGrath

This booklet has been put in place to give staff a better understanding of children who are in care. 

Many children are taken into care and may need to be looked after away from their families.

The children Act 1989/2004 allow local authorities to take action and carry out this process. This act places duties on local authorities to consider the welfare of all children in their area. 

There are many reasons why a child may be taken from their family home and placed in care.

For example these could be family related reasons where there has been bereavement in the family, parental incapacity is another reason why a child may be removed. For example if there parent has mental health problems or are  suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. If it is also suspected that there has been mistreatment has been taking place. 

However there can also be reasons regarding the child themselves why they might have been taking into care.   For example the child may have behavioural problems and poses a risk to themselves and other members of their family/public. 

The child may suffer from severe learning difficulties they can also suffer from health problems and disabilities. The child could also be put into care for committing a number of offences. 

When children have been taken into care the local authority would then decide if the parents are allowed to keep up parental responsibility over their child or children. 

This comes under and is known as section 20 and section 31. Section 20 is where the local authority allow the parents to keep parental responsibility over their child. However section 31 is where the local authority remove the parental responsibility  and put a care order in place for the child. 

For example if a child was put into care because of the child’s  own reasons for example if they had a disability or learning difficulties. Then the parents of the child would still have parental responsibility over them. As they have not caused harm or put their child in a harmful situation, where their child would be at risk. 

However if a child was put into care for family reasons where mistreatment and neglect has taken place and it has been proven, then the parents rights to the child would be taken away from them by the local authority. 

From example according to the nspcc website, 

“There were over 58,000 children identified as needing protection from abuse in the uk in 2016”

This information was accessed on 21st september 2017

So in summary there are various reasons why some children may be taken into care and there are also various reasons and  various situations where the local authority may take responsibility over a child.