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easybee  Printable Books  Can You Say   Puh-tuh-kuh    Written by  Maria de la Garza
I think it   s time,   to say some rhyme              Can you say this chime          Puh - Tuh     Kuh       Can you say ...
Puh  Pup Puppy   Puh  3
Tuh  Tum  Tuh  4  Tummy
Cuh  Cub  Cubby   Cuh  5
Now it   s time,   to try another rhyme      Can you say this chime        Buh - Duh     Nuh        Can you say it this ti...
Buh  Bun Bunny   Buh  7
Duh  Duck Ducky   Duh  8
Nuh  Nut Nutty   Nuh  9
Oh,    all the fun things       you like to do     Let   s rhyme and sing                It   s fun too        Puh - Tuh -...
The End    11