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Matt Groening


      I chose Matt Groening as my animater to present because he is the creator of the young adult sensation; The Simpsons. He has made adults, young adults, teens, tweens, and mature kids laugh about with some yellow people(not asian) go about with their life. First time I watched the Simpsons was in my vacation to New Zealand and I watched the movie about 3 times because I liked it so much. It's a show I would watch all the time. Matt Groening is what I call a genius.


    Matthew Abram Groeningwas born on February 15th, 1954(age 62) In Portland, Oregon.

 He is an american cartoonist, writer, producer,animater, and voice actor. As I said he is the creator and founder of "The Simpson's" and "Futurama". He still makes shows at the age of 62.

     Did you know that Matt Groening named the family members in the Simpsons after his siblings. The parents are named after his parents: Magaret Groening and Homer Groening.

 His sister's: Lisa and Maggie Groening.(I don't know where Bart came from). 

  I don't know why he made the charcters yellow but they're not asian.

 Either way it's still funny.


                  Not Asian

            Just To Be Clear


   BY: Nathan Pheng 2nd Period Animation