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Sammy's Poetry Booklet

Table of contents

Introduction Poem

Haiku Poem

Senryu Poem

Concrete Poem

Cinquain Poem

Number Poem

Limerick Poem

Free Verse Poem

Mythical Beast/Ordinary Object Poem

Pictorial Image of Poetry

Doodle Poem

Epitaph Poem

Two-Tone Poem

Backward Poem

Blackout Poem



I am Sammy Hawk

I am 14 years old

I am very athletic

I have one dog

My sister has down syndroem

My brother is 18

I have two dads 

I have a turtle

I have brown hair

I am Sammy Hawk

A cool breezy day

The sun peaks out from the clouds 

Preserving their warmth 

She was very happy

Seeing her mothers face again

She was enlightened


From rolling hills

Blows down the light, first breath

of wintry wind..look up and scent

the snow



There once was a boy named kyle

he hit his head on the tile

he told the nurse he had a boo boo

she said we shall fix it with glue

and his visit went to his file

Though the beginning was scary

and the end is saddening

the time in between will never be forgotten

roller coasters of ups and downs

brought us all together

we might not get along

but we will always be connected

by the three years of middle school

we experienced the newness of sixth grade

the adventures of seventh grade

and the now we will go through eighth 

the end is approaching

but the years will never be forgotten

where we spent two long years

soon to be three

here at mckamy middle school

I had a dream about a unicorn

It had a sparkly rainbow horn

It was about to fly away

But I begged and asked it to stay

We watched the clouds pass by

Over our heads oh so high

We flew up into the air

And then below we saw a bear

It was eating a pear

It tried to throw the pear at us

but the pear was blocked by a bus

Then it threw a cherry pie

It hit the unicorn in the eye

And now our hearts are torn

 prose-writing or speaking in the normal or ordinaryform: it is arranged in sentences and paragraphs

poetry-a piece of literature written in ,eter or verse

literal-the standard meaning of a word

figurative- departure from the standard meaning of a word to achieve soem special meaning or affect 

hyperbole-great exaggeration used to emphasize strong feeling

simile-a comparison of one thing with another by the use of the "like" or "as" 

metaphor-a figure of speech in which a person an object or an idea is imaginatively transformed. it m ay be suggested by comparison but it need not be

personification- granting human attibutes to things that are not human

rhythm-pattern of stressed and understressed sounds in a line of poetry

alliteration-the repititon of consonant sounds at the beggining of words tp produce a noticable affect

ontamonapia-a word whose sound imitates the actual sound to which it prefers 

imagery-the use of concrete details that appeal to the five

cacaphony- a succession of harsh joklting sounds