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1. As soon as you’re on the software, go on file then click new. 2. A window will come up to see what type of paper you want, click on the present arrow then go to international paper. 3. Then click ok then it should come up with the page you want. 4. Now that you have your template, go on to your file and find a picture of your choice. 5. You can either drag the picture from your documents or copy and paste it. 6. You will have your picture on your screen. 7. Once you have your image, you might have to enlarge it. 8. After you are happy with your image, choose another image that would fit in with your current image. 9. Once you have your second image on the paper, if you want the background to be deleted use the wand tool again. You might have a problem with the wand tool so all you have to do is to go the paint bucket and click on the background. 10. You can play around with the images by clicking on the moving object tool and layers on your bottom right that can overlap. 11. Once you are happy with your pictures you can add another image or leave it as you like. 12. If you want a third image, choose an image then drag to Photoshop. Edit your photo around so you’re sure where you want it to go. 13. When you’re happy with your third image, you will see that your image is coming along. 14. Always remember when you want to edit an image, you open up another tab on your Photoshop. 15. When you are happy with saving your image, remember to close the other tabs as you won’t need them. Additional step • To save your image as a JPEG, go to file, save as then you’ll have your window. • Click on the format box then click on JPEG • Then you’ll have your image saved as a picture

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