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         Name: Moubarak congacou

               Gold d

                                                  MEANING POEM                                                                                   

                                            ''Me against the world''

                                       What happened in this world 

                                     This world can never be right
                              I trust in God, secondly I trust in myself

                                I repeat this world can never be right

                          I trust in myself i'm always against the world

                                     Nobody can change my opinion

                         Don't worry guys it is just me against the world, 

                                         and nothing else.

                                   When you die i will see the living of the world 

                                The other side,beyond bird,

                           mountain sunset ,the true meaning.                                                                     


Meaning is a poetry is an introduction. The meaning of any particular poem is a complex issue.Meaning can be thought of in a number of different ways. The poetry is intention in writing the poem.My poem begin as ''Me against the world''. That show the theme of the poetry.

              IMAGERY POEM

   The worst happiness, 

     the worst happiness

     in this world is not anything

      that to know your birthday. 

  People who forget could remember

               be one day .

       Now is a great age 

          to take chances 

      and do all you want to do,

       your creatively knows no bounds,

       what you need is right in you.

Imagery is the name given to the elements in a poem that take spark off the senses. Despite image being a synonym for picture , images need not be only visual ,any of five senses can respond to what a poet write. My poem 's imagery about birthday celebration. 


    Dedicated to men

Once i dive into these pages. 

I may not come out for ages. 

Book have powers over me. 

Inside a book i am not free.

I am prisoner in a land of print on paper in my hand . 

But do not worry , do not fear 

I am happy captive  here.

Before i lay me down to sleep ,  

I pray for a man who is not strong ,

One who loves to listen long ,

One whoe thinks before he speaks,

One who will call not wait for weeks,

I pray he is rich and self employed, 

And when i spend, won't be announced, 

Pull out my chair and hold my hand, 

Message my feet and help me stand.

End rhyme is when a poem has lines ending with words that sound the same. An example of end rhyme in my poem is 

'' pages and ages'' , '' fear and here'' .