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By: Maya

My first day of Kindergarten I was so scared of pretty much scared of everything like if my teacher was going to be nice or if I would know all the things she taught me but when it was time to leave I did not want to go home. It was fun.

Going to Kindergarten Chapter 1

My hometown is very quiet and peaceful almost everyday in summer Madeline and I go swimming in our Gradparents pool. Sometimes in winter we put on our snowstuff and ice skates and go ice skating on our Grandpa's pond and sometimes we play with our neighbor.

         My Hometown Chapter 2

              My Only Doll Chapter 3

My Best Doll I ever got  was a little white girl named Caroline I got with my own money she was beautiful she had blue eyes and curly blond hair her ears were pireced so I could pick what earings she would wear I had to save up my money for a year to afford her she came with such beautiful clothing it was pink with a straw bonnet. She costed $125 I love her so much I still have her but out of all of my dolls she is the prettiest. 





This what she looks like ->


My First Dancing Class Chapter 4

My first ballet class first we streatched, then we went to the bar and did frappe and porta da bras , fondu, glissade, grand battment, jete, relve, balnce, degage and passe. It was hard but fun. We leaped across the floor and we learned a dance to the Olaf song I like that dance and that is it for one ballet lesson. 

One There was a day that I could not go to California because it was so snowy an icey we had to go up to door countey and visit our cousins instead that was a sad but fun day the next day we went to California.

Cold and a Icy Day Chapter 5

My sister Madeline is a very sweet girl, but only sometimes. Don't call her cute or most likely you would get yelled at. She likes to take pillows from my room and bring the pillows to her own room. She likes to have sleepovers with me. My sister Madeline is very pretty but she broke her arm when she fell down the stairs at school, but she feels better now. That is my sister Madeline.

My Sister Chapter 6

The storm I was in I was very little so I don't rember much about it but I do know that my dad took me downstairs and said that there was a tornado alert i was very scared the lights flickered the TV whent out It was very scary that's all I remember.

The Bad Storm Chapter 7

My sister Maddy she likes to take my pillows while I am away and bulid a pillow fort in my room and she sommetimes likes to sit on my bed with my stuffed animals including my favorite hedgie.

            Hungarian Invasion 8

My mom always accuses me of stealing her perfume and         lotion but I did't and I know Maddy did it one tie I even saw her putting on my moms perfume. But she thinks I did it but she says it is ok so that is good.

The Tentant Accused Me 9

My daddy is very nice he has blue eyes and black hair but the only time I am pretty much mad at him is when he tickles Madeline, My Mom, and me. He likes to stay up late with my mom on the couch and watch movies. He also likes fishing and hunting I like to go with him Madeline only wants to go fish though. My daddy Madeline and I but not my mom go up north with my cousins and gradparents on my dads side. My daddy is very fun.

          My Dear Daddy 10

I   have seen somebody who has been mean to the other person my neighbor Jacob and my other neighbor Aden. So Jacob was born with his leg not working the way it should but he can still do everthing but he needs a brace for his leg he had surgery on it 4 times but it did't work. Aden was teasing Jacob about the way he rode his bike it did look diffrent from the other kids we were with. That is what Aden did eventally Aden apoligized to Jacob and right now they are best friends.

Miss, did a star fall on you? 11

I have a necklace I get a pearl on it ever year at my birthday and Christmas Maddie has one to but she has less than I do I have big pearls in the middle and small pearls on the outside it is very beautiful I don't wear it though because it is not done and very expensive I only wear it to weddings.

The Knife With a Mother of Pearl                             Handle 12

My Great Grandpa and my Great Grandma Ferdon died I did't really know my Great Grandma though she died a month and four days after I was born. But my Great Grandpa died only last year. He was nintey-three years old. I knew him very well so that made it sad we use to go to his house on Christmas eve after the Christmas service all the way to Manitowc and then back at ten o'clock


How Did My Mother Die and Why did I not    Say Mommy Please Come With Me 13

Symphony Music in Birkenau and Shower                           in Birkenau 14

I like playing symphony music on the piano it is hard but I really try to and my shower is warm not like Elly her shower is hot and then it gets very cold I feel bad for Elly It is very sad. 

       First food in seven days 15

I have gone without food when I was sick for 3 days I was very hungrey but once they gave me a little chicken noodle soup and I threw up so that was the only time I have gone without food for a few days.

 In Birkenau, Miri Saved my life 16

So one my sister was playing on her phone when she was not supposed to so my parents asked by the battery was dead and I did not say a word. That is how I saved her life.

My sister once woke me up by dancing to her phones music and turning the music up as loud as it could go and I thought I was like a roll call in my dream but I woke up and knew that it was just a  dream.

Roll Call in Birkenau 17

Once in disneyland I hurried to get on a ride with my mom we ran and ran and ran we were in the front of the line we thought we were go to get in to go on the ride it was a really long ride but they said we had to wait about 15 more minites the fast pass people just got on it we had to wait I was so sad but after we waited the ride was actually really fun.

Wrong place wrong time 18

`My mom makes me eat a food I really hate, Meatloaf. I do not like it at all it is so gross and crab I hate that food it tastes like fish poop. The drink I do not like is eggnog it tastes so bad and soda, soda is to fizzy. Those foods and drinks I hate.

 Slice of Bread a drop of Water 19

       Jews from Czechoslovakia 20

Elly saw somebody was very very skinney and passed food under the barbed wire to the Jews who where starving. I have saw some girl that was so skinney her ribs were the fattest part of her just like the jews. 

       Daily Selection on Roll Call 21

With my stuffed animal I have a roll call to see which ones that will come with me to Madelines's tea party that she plans every week she makes me bring my stuffed animals even though I don't really want to go to the tea party, but I go anyway.

                 We were Naked 22

I am writing about the wooden clogs VS. My shoes The shoes that Elly wore were wooden clogs that are carved I wear shoes that are very confy and pretty. My shoes do not give me slivers.