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This is about a famous animator named Max Fleischer who was competing with the famous Walt Disney!

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  Max Fleischer

By: Keiana Henderson

Why I chose Max Fleischer

I chose Max Fleischer because he was never really noticed anymore, he's the one who kinda started animation as well so he needed some more attention.

He was born July 19, 1889 in Krakow, Austro-Hungarian Empire

Who is Max Fleischer

Max Fleischer is an inventor and a cartoonist!

He got his education from The Mechanics and Tradesman school and The Art of Students League and Cooper Union

He was born July 19, 1883 (That's near my birthday; July 20) in Krakow, Austro-Hungarian Empire

He died September 11, 1972 in Woodland Hills, California

He then formed Out of the Inkwell Films Inc. with his brother Dave Fleischer in 1921.

His first animation was "Out of the Inkwell" starring Koko the clown, in 1918 (ending in 1921) 

His other characters are Betty Boop, Bimbo, Popeye and Cuphead.

Song Cartoons were released with soundtracks  between 1926 and 1927, this is the official start of the "talkie era"

In 1924 he started the " Bouncing Ball" sing-along films. The films were known as Song Cartoons and later on Screen Songs. 

After a while their shorts became unpopular and their parent company fired them, and Fleischer studios faded away.

He created the rotoscope in 1910!

His Animation career

His Characters