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Basic Info

                        Political Level

Semi-presidential Republic

Between 74 ½ W and 71 ⅔ W 

Between 20 N and 18 N

Overall Size of Country (IN AREA)

10,714 mi2

Haiti Constitution

Ensure their inalienable and imprescriptible rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; in conformity with the Act of Independence of 1804 and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man of 1948.

Constitute a socially just, economically free, and politically independent Haitian nation.

Establish a strong and stable State, capable of protecting the country's values, traditions, sovereignty, independence and national vision.

Implant democracy, which entails ideological pluralism and political rotation and affirm the inviolable rights of the Haitian people.

Strengthen national unity by eliminating all discrimination between the urban and rural populations, by accepting the community of languages and culture and by recognizing the right to progress, information, education, health, employment and leisure for all citizens.

Ensure the separation and the harmonious distribution of the powers of the State at the service of the fundamental interests and priorities of the Nation.

Set up a system of government based on fundamental liberties, and the respect for human rights, social peace, economic equity, concerted action and participation of all the people in major decisions affecting the life of a nation, through effective decentralization.

      overall population

10.85 Million

There are 4 major mountains in Haiti

(Morne La Selle, Morne Macaya , Morne du Cibao, Morne Bois-Pin)

There are over 20 different valleys that have names in Haiti

Landforms in Haiti

3 tourist attractions that are waterfalls in Haiti are Bassin Bleu (Jacmel), Saut-Mathurine (Camp Perrin), and Cascade Touyac (Port-Salut).

In Haiti, the Lowlands are ranging from 15C - 25C in the winter and 25C - 35C in the summer.

In Haiti, the Lowland Precipitation is 140-170 centimeters.

Haiti Climate

Warning : All info comes from 2005

In Haiti, the highland Precipitation is 170-200 centimeters.

Haiti's highland average temperature is 24C.

Citadelle Laferriere was built to protect Haiti from the French invasion.

Site des Ramiers was made to represent liberty of the Haitians. (Haiti People)

Site des Ramiers was made to represent liberty of the Haitians. (Haiti People)


Kokoye Beach is a luxury beach where large amounts of people can be avoided for the best relaxation.

Human Features built in Haiti

In Haiti, research has shown that there is 1 million tons of copper that lies in just one area under exploration, which means a lot more money that has not been mined yet.

There is 141.8m ounces of silver that have been recently found in Haiti.

One ounce of Gold is worth $1,500!!  With that money, Haiti can rebuild after the Earthquake.

Natural Resources in Haiti 

Gold is $1,500 per ounce in Haiti.

Growing, roasting, and brewing coffee is a rich part of the history of Haiti.  growers will hopefully never stop growing even when disaster hits them.

Haiti Industries

Haiti's clothing, comfy and lightweight is a very good product.  This western-style clothing is often made from cotton and linen fabrics.  Also, most school children were uniforms.

Haiti's so called “super crop” is the vetiver plant.  They use this plant to make most of their Essential Oils.  There are 9+ very popular types of oil's made in Haiti.

Haiti has been introduced to a new type of fuel for electricity, corn cobs.

Roughly one-half of the world population, including all of East and Southern Asia is really dependent upon rice as a top food.

Sweet potato are a main food in a Haitians diet. there orange flesh sweet potatoes are very rich in vitamin A.

Haiti Agriculture

Roman Catholicism is Haiti's main religion.  Although, a portion of Haiti also practice Voodoo, another religion, Roman Catholicism is the bigger portion.

The people of Haiti speak two different languages, French and Haitian Creole French.

Haiti Culture

Mardi Gras celebration is a celebration in Haiti that is also celebrated in many other countries. (we know it as fat tuesday) there is a parade in the streets, music and dancing for the herald holy season.

Gold Mining and Mineral resources in Haiti

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