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Francesca Wiley

3rd Hour









Michael huffs as he looks over his shoulder at the six men that chased after them. They'd kill them if they got the chance to, and now was the closest they've ever been. They've wanted the gang dead ever since they first stole food from them. 

"Pick up the pace, Michael!" Kyle yells.

"Shut up, Kyle!" Michael shouts back. He wasn't even faster than Michael. They've both known that since they were 8, and it has stayed that way. Michael slowly begins to gain on the two guys that had come with him, one being Kyle, the other Shawn. 

Shawn gives Michael a disapproving look and Michael shrugs back. He speeds past him and Kyle, and then tilts his head to warn them. Michael leans sharply to the left, his feet sliding and his hands pushing him off from the ground. Kyle mimics him, but Shawn loses his footing and his fingers miss the ground. He slides on the dry grass and is trampled by the group. He yelps as kicks make contact with his body. Kyle and Michael skid to a stop and rush back to help their friend. 


Kyle tackles the biggest man and gets him in a head lock. Michael soon follows, leaping in to send a kick the main attacker's stomach. He hunches over and Michael's knee soon meets his face. A punch soon meets his face and a stumble 

backward. Michael shields my face to stop another fist from touching my face. Michael's foot collides with the man's bulky head and sends him to the ground. 

"You alright, Mikey?" Shawn jokes as he ducks from being attacked by another. He pulls Kyle away from killing the limp man that lay in his arms. Michael shoves one of the faster men away from Kyle and led the way toward the trees. 

"Hold up, guys. My side hurts real bad," Shawn heaves. He lifts up his shirt to show young bruises beginning to form. 

When we get back, we'll have to show that to Laura. We don't want it to be anything to serious," Kyle states. 

"We can walk the rest of the way back for you, just stay quiet, or else we could get snuck up on," Michael adds. It had happened before with a different group a few months back, and it didn't end too well. 

Shawn nods and begins limping as quiet as he could. Kyle and Michael soon support him and they shuffle back towards camp. Shawn's breath begins to get shaky, resulting in Kyle and Michael taking turns in carrying him. Michael doesn't do to we'll, being one of the weakest one in our gang, so Kyle volunteers to carry him the rest of the way. 

"Do you hear the dogs?" Shawn whispers, finally breaking the silence. He slips off of Kyle's shoulders and starts to whistle. Soon Michael hears the dogs barking and howling. 

"I thought I was hearing things," Kyle answers. He begins to call for the dogs by name. 

Shawn begins to stagger forward, still whistling and yelling for the dogs. The pack soon runs through the trees and towards them. Kyle and Michael block their paths and they nervously whine and circle the boys.

"Shut up!" Kyle barks at the skittish dogs, and they all duck their heads at the same time. 

Michael watches ahead. Nobody was following the dogs. He walks through the dogs and follows the path. The dogs never ran without somebody following them, at least not this far from camp. Michael breaks out into a sprint, and everybody follows him, the dogs, Kyle, and even Shawn. He ducks beneath trees and avoids the traps their troop had set years before. A sound unknown by his ears echoes through the woods. 

"What is that?" Shawn questions unsteadily.

Michael and Kyle ignore his words and continue forward, the blaring noise increasing with every stride. A nervous sweat breaks through Michael's tanned forehead, but is quickly wiped away by the back of his hand. 


The boy stops abruptly, a few dogs running head-on into his legs. Kyle halts alongside Michael and covers his ears. The hounds begin to whine from the tone. Michael crouches down to calm them, but his head snaps when Shawn's breathe becomes ragged.


Shawn coughs, crimson blood spurting from his pale lips. He pulls up his shirt, revealing a circle of ten dots, each less than a centimeter in diameter. He falls to his knees and lets the hacking of blood continue. He looks at Michael and Kyle with cloudy eyes, the dark liquid dripping from his chin. 


"Help," he breathes before crumpling onto the dirt ground. Kyle runs to Shawn's aid, but is thrown behind a tree. Michael puts a hand over his lips and peaks out to see what hurt Shawn. 

More sharp noises chop through the air, and dogs collapse limply onto the ground. Michael peaks from behind the tree, only to see all but one dog dead. What was happening here?