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A Halloween project

Town Scare

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By Isabella Smith


Spice vampire bat wings- We find our very finest bats, and we grill them, and cover them with the redest blood. It taste like chewy and juiceness. It has a nice grisel from the grill. $4.99

Zombie brain dip- First we turn a human into a zombie and take it's brain. Then you mush it up and set it into a bole. It taste like mushy guts. $3.99


Spider web pizza- You have the crust and have blood and cob webs on the top. It taste like cotton candy feeling in your mouth and red juice. $7.99

Bloody baked rats- First we catch a dozen rats and put them in the oven, then we spread blood on them. It taste like fury chicken. $6.99


Witches fingers- We hunt down a witch and cut her fingers off, then we boil them and serve them with a side of blood. It taste like chicken off the bones. $3.99

Grave yard pie- The crust is crinkly skin and the filling is snail slim, then the topping of your choice is skeleton crunch or toenails. It taste like crunchy apple pie. $2.99


Witches brew- First you have to get guts, and blood. You mix all of your ingredients in a bowl. It taste like mushy blueberries and the left over juice. $3.99