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  • This was part of FDR's New Deal which leads to public works construction agency in the United states which aimed to create jobs while improving the nation's infrastructure
  • P.W.A
  • "America Builds"

Public works Administration

Alaina Kapturasky 

  • The public works admin was part of the June 1933 New deal 
  • Its purpose was to recover the all the jobs that had been lost and to relief people to work again while setting up public projects to create jobs and improve infrastructure throughout the country. 


  • The Public Works Admin was created to recover from the staggering unemployment rate in the United states the government spent over 6 billion dollars in contracts to start construction on the infrastructure that turned out so well that it created local and national pride. The most common project that was done was streets and highways.
  • Today the Public Works Admin does not exist because when the president Franklin D. Roosevelt shifted the industry towards WW2 production the PWA was abolished and its functions were transferred to the Federal Works Agency in June of 1943.
  1. He was born on January 30th,  1882
  2. FDR was an only child of wealthy parents
  3. FDR was distantly related to his wife Eleanor 5th cousins once removed
  4. He graduated from Harvard and Columbia 
  5. He passed the bar exam to become a lawyer but never got a degree in law
  6. FDR had a passion for stamp collecting 
  7. He was the first president to elect a woman to his cabinet
  8. FDR hold the record for the longest running president in history he served until his death in 1945
  9. Franklin's illness was concealed from the public not many people knew he was diagnosed with polio in 1921 and was paralyzed from the waist down
  10.  He was the first sitting president to fly in an airplane.
  • Unemployment rate- It did not reduce the unemployment rate by very much (no change)
  • Government Spending- Increase
  • GPD- decrease
  • Confidence building- increase
  • Role of government- decrease