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 Greeks In the U.S Travel 



There are many places in Washington D.C that are a reference to Ancient Greek Architecture even the White House has columns like the greeks also the Lincoln Memorial and the U.S Capital.

They are only a short drive away from each other  and even though can't go inside the U.S Capital or the White House they are a sight to see.You can go inside the Lincoln Memorial  wich has a statue of Lincoln himself. There is also Thomas Jefferson Memorial with Greek Columns around it.  

 "The temples show the importance of balance and order in the Greeks' idea of beauty.Temples were built with rows of tall columns. The Greeks used three styles of columns."(TCI sect 4)


A very famous building in the U.S is Grand central station terminal in New York City Manhattan Island. The top of the station has a greek sculpture on the top of the station.     

The statue of Athena in the Parthenon was a wonderful example of another important Greek sculpture. Sculptors in Athens often set up a workshop near the site where the finished statue would be placed. Sculptor apprentices first made a life-size clay model supported by wooden or metal frames. The general outline of the statue was then roughed out in marble."(TCI sec 5)



Greek Drama still exist today and the almost the same Auditorium design to day, example is the Broadway Theatre in Manhattan New york.

"There were no women actors in ancient Greece. Men played all the characters, both male and female. That was one reason actors wore masks. The masks also showed the audience whether a character was happy or sad.

Plays were staged in open-air theaters built into the sides of hills. A Greek theater was shaped like a bowl so that everyone could hear what was said. The seats rose in a semicircle around a stage at the bottom of the bowl. Scenery was painted on canvas and hung behind the actors."(TCI sec 6)


 Drama & Theatre 

"The games also included combat sports, such as boxing and wrestling. In an event called the pancratium, men were allowed to punch, kick, and even choke each other. The event ended when one fighter surrendered, lost consciousness, or died."(TCI sec 8)

Ancient Greece Olympics or sports

Ancient Greeks had the first Olympics and we still have today around the world. The greeks did many of the same things. Today the Olympics are held around the world today and each country has their own team.   

Ancient greek Stadium


A example of todays Staduims

"People in all civilizations observed the sun, moon, and stars. But a Greek scientist named Aristarchus (ayr-uh-STAHR-kuhs) was the first person to suggest that Earth moves around the sun. This idea upset many Greeks who believed that Earth was the center of the universe.

Another Greek, Hipparchus (hih-PAHR-kuhs), is often called one of the greatest scientists of the ancient world. He studied and named more than 850 stars. He also figured out how to estimate the distances from Earth to both the sun and the moon. His theories allowed later scientists to accurately predict eclipses of the moon."(TCI sec 6)

We still use many of the same constellations name today such as Hercules, Persues's and Pegasus. The Space museum has many rockets and star constellations Also the      Smithsonian Museum has greek statue to. 

Ancient Greek Astronomy 


Hope you enjoy your trip :)