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This book is going to be about the Health triangle

The Health Triangle

   The health triangle is made up of three types of health. The three are physical, social, and mental health. Physical health is the conditions of your body. Social health is having relationships that are meaningful and important. Mental health is knowing and expressing your feelings in an appropriate way.


Physical, Social, and Mental Health

      The health triangle consists of physical, mental, and social health. Exercising, food/fuel, and etc. are all examples of physical health. Physical health is basically your human body health.  Spending time with people you like and having meaningful friends are examples of social health. Mental health involves knowing your volcano triggers and copping skills. The way you think or feel is mental health.



          The measure of our body's efficiency and overall well being is the big idea of the health trinagle. The health triangle is different aspects of health which are, physical, mental, and social health. The heath triangle is very important and if we one of these types of healths where to break down it would affect us in many ways. It would affect our health.

Big Idea

The End