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Farm Ct Ric
Tropifresh Costa Rica provides fresh tropical fruit direct from our Partner
Plantations to the end buyer resulting in substantial cost savings
TropiFresh is a division of Trusteforte AG established in 1998. Our goal is
to deliver the freshest golden Extra Sweet MD2 Pineapple, Succulent
Seedless Watermelon, Honey Dew Melon, Papaya, Mango
& Juicy Valencia Oranges, direct from our 2832 hc
(7000 acres) Costa Rica Partner Plantations
and our partners in Valencia Spain...
With TropiFresh You are guaranteed the lowest price direct from the
Plantation to your Destination...
We ship by precise temperature reefer containers to Canada, U.S,
Europe & Russia. Because of The Consortiums Plantations,
2832 hectares under cultivation we can accommodate
virtually any size order, individually or on an
ongoing basis.ongoing basis.
You Are the Boss, We Do It your Way!!
We Are Efcient, Cost Effective & On Time...
Farm Ct Ric
TropiFresh is a Consortium of plantations, distributor partners,
expediters and management. TropiFresh is involved with over
2832 hectares under cultivation of extra sweet golden MD2
pineapples, Bananas (Cavendish), and seedless watermelons &
honey dew melons, Papaya, & Mangos in season, well as several
other varieties of tropical fruits.
We also have over 2,020 hectares of year round succulent Valencia oranges available
direct from our Partner Group farms in Valencia Spain.
Our Fresh Produce
How long have the farms been in operation?
The CR Farms started cultivating Golden extra sweet md2 pineapples in 2004 on 60 hectares. Now the
farms have 875 hectares under cultivation with two other farm locations of 520 hc and 667 hc. The
plantations also produce seedless watermelon and a large variety of sweet melons. Our Spanish Associate
plantations have been in business for over 100 years producing a large variety of citrus as well as over
2,020 hectares of sweet Valencia oranges & tangerines in Valencia Spain.
Where are you currently exporting to?
We are currently exporting to USA, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain & Moscow. The farms
exported over 4.5 million specialized boxes of extra sweet md2 pineapples last year from Costa Rica.
Where do you have contact consortium partner agents?
Costa Rica, Canada, U.S, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Belgium and more.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Agro produce do you provide?
Currently we are specializing in Golden extra sweet md2 grades #5 to #10
pineapples, Seedless and standard watermelon, honeydew melon, Bananas, Papaya, Mangos, Valencia
oranges & tangerines.
Can you quote CIF?
WWhat shipping companies are you using?
We use all of them.
Just contact us directly in Costa Rica or any one of our Managing Partners for your requirements, and
you, our valued Client will be contacted in real time, or within 24hrs...
We are at your service .
TropiFresh Pineapple:
Our Consortium Farms are located in the soil rich regions of San Carlos and Guapiles on the Atlantic
slopes of two volcanoes. The volcanic soil is so nutrient rich, that our pineapples and melons
grow 21% faster, producing a unique rich, tender & Ultra Sweet Tropical Fruit.
Our Pineapples are cultivated and grown on three + plantations totaling approx.
2832 hectares, with over 630 dedicated cultivators, processors & packagers
under employment. under employment. We currently ship: Canada, U.S, UK, EU, Russia.
TropiFresh offers a consistent year round supply of super sweet succulent and
tender MD2 pineapple, with grade sizes from #5 to #10, either in conventional
or crownless styles. We ship within 2 days of harvesting by refrigerated container.
We take extra care in the precise quality control and triple nal
inspections of each and every individual pineapple. We pride
ourselves in the special proprietary shipping packaging
that we provide.
We pack double level, stacked in a special aerated
carton, from 5 to 10 per carton. We can private
label or generic label or label or generic label or TropiFresh & Our Olinda
brand label.
Our Team provides consistent quality, continual
supply, rapid order response, price advantage & on time delivery...
With our Worldwide Operation Partners, We are at Your Service 24/7, Thats Guaranteed !
Tropifresh Specications
Our Costa Rica Associate Fruit Plantations & Pineapple Farms Certications In Good Standing 2016
These Certications are regulations that must be met to ensure the consumer a quality pineapple that is
safe, meets the proper Buyer specications and also provides workers' rights & working conditions.
Global Gap: A worldwide standard GAP and GMP. Enforcing good agricultural and manufacturing
practices on the environment.
TESCO TESCO ( Nurture and TPPS ): A European supermarket chain ( the worlds largest ) to ensure food
safety, and focuses on the packing, plant cleaning and safety procedures in the Plantation and farm elds.
Rainforest Alliance: This standard is strongly focused on environmental care, welfare issues, and the
health of workers. Rainforest promotes and supports efcient agriculture, biodiversity, conservation and
sustainable development, agriculture and social responsibility.
U.S. Gap: A standard from the United States, which is based on two principles:
BPM: processes & procedures that control the operational conditions within the plant.
*TSI ( code of ethics )
- Employment is freely chosen. - Wage and regular work.
- Freedom of association. - Working hours that are not excessive.
- Safe and hygienic conditions. - There will be no discrimination. - Safe and hygienic conditions. - There will be no discrimination.
- Do not employ child labor. - No bad treatment or exploitations of employees.
TropiFresh, its Partners, Farms, Plantations, Providers and Associates are committed to
the the International Fair Trade Guidelines.
Arnie Gustafson
Executive Director
Toll Free: 800-495-1321
ext. 202
Trustforte Capital Ltd.
Parent Company
Toll Free: 800-495-1321
ext. 201
Gerardo Jimenez
Managing Director
Toll Free: 800-495-1321
ext. 204
Darian Gustafson
Canadian Marketing Director
Toll Free: 800-495-1321
ext. 205