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Nooooo! Cried Ender his village had been burnt down and his family was dead. Only the evil chief Zadimus could have done this. 


He walked in mourning to the lake to find food and water. When he got to the lake he found a clearing to set up camp. In the middle of his camp was a small fire and near it was a makeshift shelter made of animal hides and sticks. He could barely sleep without thinking about his family, burning in rage and wanting revenge.



The peacemaker explained that the peace people came from 4 warring tribes that made peace and joined into one. The peace guards in the boats unpacked their supplies and built a camp. In the evening they asked Ender how they were going to make peace with other tribes. Ender agreed to go the next day.


When Ender woke up he saw canoes lined up on the shoreline. One person stood up said ”I am the peacemaker. I know your pain, I know you want revenge, but fighting among our tribes must cease.

We need you to help us.”

“Why can’t you do it yourselves.”

Ender asked.

The peacemaker responded, ”They think we are crazy and don’t believe we can make peace.”

Ender asked,“Have you made peace before?”  

Ender, the peacemaker, and peace guards Sailed to the Kaka tribe. The Kaka chief Kako sent multiple warriors to confront them. Kako demanded,“Why are you here?”

“We have come to make peace,”

said, Ender.

“We will make peace throughout the tribes.” continued Ender.

Kako said, “We cannot make peace with the Onyx.”

“They are more powerful than all of us combined.”

Kako continued

“Then why not make peace with them if we can’t fight them?” responded Ender.

Kako, “They will trick us to get our resources.”

”What resources would they want?”

asked Ender.

Kako ordered his warriors to get rid of Ender, the peacemaker, and the peace guards. Before going away in the canoes Ender yelled, ”We will come back with proof that we can make peace!!” 

The peace guards and Ender paddled to the Indaga tribe. When they arrived they were confronted by Indaga warriors and their chief. The peacemaker said they were on a mission to make peace but the Indaga people thought he was crazy. The chief asked, “Why should we make peace?”

The peace maker said ”Take Ender, for example, he lost his family to blood feuds and war. We should stop this from happening by stopping blood feuds. Think of the things we could do if we stopped this.”

“Like what?”

asked the Indaga chief.

“Stop wasting our resources for war.”

said the peacemaker.

The Idaga chief later agreed to make peace and sent people to make peace with the neighboring Andogoo.



They paddled to the Akoodo tribe. The Akoodo chief was standing by the shoreline. When the peace guards arrived he jumped up and ran into the forest thinking the peace guards were invaders. The peace guards found him in the forest and explained their mission to make peace between the tribes.



The Akoodo chief asked, ”Why should we make peace?”.

The peacemaker said, ”Then we wouldn’t have to worry so much about invasions and attacks.”

”good point”

said the Akoodo chief.

“I will send people to help you on your mission”.



They walked to the Onyx tribe. When they got there they hid in a bush and saw a huge Onyx soldier rally and in the middle was a two floored longhouse palace and Zadimus was inside. They needed to get in the longhouse or get Zadimus out. They got peace guard to shoot a flaming arrow at the longhouse palace. The arrow whizzed through the window and hit a soldier in the house. Now all the soldiers are alarmed. The peacemaker told all the guards to shoot all the flaming arrows at once. They ordered that the Onyx surrender so no lives will be lost. The Onyx continued to fight. The Peace guards were losing until the Kaka arrived to help fight. The Kaka’s flaming arrows landed everywhere turning the tides of the battle. 


After seeing peace guards and Kaka, the Onyx surrender and Zadimus comes out of the palace. Zadimus had a hunched back and snakes in his hair. 

The peacemaker gave Ender a bag of medicine to mix with water. How could Ender forgive someone who has caused him so much pain? Ender made the medicine anyway and told Zadimus to drink it. Zadimus's back became straight again and the snakes slithered out of his hair.



The peacemaker said ”This goes for all tribes, if you want to attack any other tribe you will have give us a good reason to attack. If you attack anyway without all other peace members approving. We may send soldiers to stop you.” Ender said, “Our weapons will only be used if necessary.” ”Thank you so much for stopping me from causing even more deaths. What can we do to repay you?”

asked Zadimus

“Help rebuild the villages that you burnt down.” responded Ender. “I will rebuild the villages starting from Ender's village.” said Zadimus.

Ender was happy but it still could not bring his family

back. He became chief of the village and continued to live in that new village for many years to come.


The end.