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Dear Diary <3

      by: Malaya l. & Samya b.

Dear diary, Well my name is Unique Pink, I'm 17 years old, My favorite color is purple and i'm pretty sad about leaving Flordia but hopefully this move is positive... i need something good to happen cause these last couple of months have been nothing but bad news...

Dear diary, i've been trying my hardest to keep a smile on my face but my moms gone i'm gonna have to face that... fighting depression at this poing hopefully i meet some friends at my new school so i can finnaly leave this hell hole i call a home !!!

Dear diary, school has actually been better than i thought i met a bunch of new people, but there’s this one girl i think we would get along very well. Her name is Shaneeka, she is very chill i like how we vibe together. i stg we be lit... i cant wait till tomorrow so we can chill again

Dear diary, i totally forgot about you so much new stuff have been happening there’s this guy Damarcus we been talking for a couple months and he asked me to be his girlfriend today. Shaneeka and her boyfriend Jamal, are coming with us on our first date to the movies its going to be lit!!! i hope i get my first kiss lol

Dear diary, I'm starting to feel as if damarcus is up to something. He hasn't been spending as much time with me anymore and i'm starting to suspect it's someone else but i might just be overthinking. I don't want to lose him... Oh and before I forget Shaneeka has been acting distant too! I feel as if I have nobody in this world. Life was so great when i first started my new school and if i lose damarcus i'll lose myself.

Dear diary, so turns out damarcus and shaneeka have been spending mostly every weekend with eachother. They met up at the same spot for the past couple weeks. I've been watching them for weeks and they were kissing so much that they didnt even see me!! My own Bestfriend SMH. It's okay though revenge is a BITCH!!

Dear diary, So me and damarcus have been trying for months to have a baby and we finally made it happen. So the day my son was born, Jamal, shaneeka and of course damarcus was all in the room and damarcus was crying tears of joy. I was crying tears of laughter. Shaneeka said to me "Best friend! What's so funny." I told her "cause he looks just like his daddy." Shaneeka said "Mmm not so much to me." She then had me laughing even harder when the doctor came into have me sign the birth certificate. I said that i'm going to name him after his daddy... Jamal jr.  TO BE CONTINUED....