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National Industrial Recovery Act

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the national industrial recovery act

why it ended was because the NIRA was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1935 and not replaced

 this act was made so that the president could regulate the industry and make stuff cost more money and so it can stimulate an economic recovery and eventually it would make stuff more affordable 

my act was a recovery act 


it was a law passed in 

1933 to

authorize president 

to regulate industry 



this happened june 6 1933



1)he grew up with rich parents

2)He help through the great depression

3) he had a hard tie in school

4)he went to an average academe

5)he entered politics has a democrat

6)teddy r and him are related 

7)he had polio

8)they said his polio was misdiagnosed 

9)his doctor knew that he had polio

10)he was elected to govern of new york