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        Hello whoevers reading this. My name is Yasmin, and the old lady in the right is my wonderful grandma. Her name is Adela Castro. Today I will be telling you about her life story how extraordinary it was, and how much it changed over the years of her live. sorry if it gets really emotion, but it is what it is. hope you like it. 

The life of Adela Castro

                                   By Yasmin Carrillo

       Daughter of  Maria and Honor Castro, Adela was born on Novermber 10 1927 in Michoacan Mexico. She had 5 sisters, but 2 of them past away.Growing up was easy for her and her sisters. The fact that they were born in a rich family. My great grandparnts gave them everything they wanted. The best boarding school there was and the best college you could imagine. but one day everything changed for Adela. 

          From that terrible marriage, only one good thing came out from it, her 13 child at the time, before she died, she was left this world with 10 children all grown up having children of their children. she lived long enough to become a great grandamother meeting the third generation of her family.

       After college, Adela spended half of her time working in her parent's pharmacy. "she enjoyed working at the pharmacy it was the only place that she liked." (Alejandra Carrillo) 

       "She was beautiful when she was young. She would be that type of person who you would fall in love with. Not just because of her looks but her personality and how lovely she was as a person" (A. Morales)    

        My grandpa Luis Roberto Huato would always come to the pharmacy just to pick up medicine. He would flirt with her and give her co-worker little notes to give to her, she slowly fell in love with his words believing she loved him. After getting married she found out his words were only words and his personality was something she did not love but she was already married and couldn't leave. 

Our grandfather did whatever he felt like it. He was a proud man taking care of his live stock, selling and breeding cow and horses. he was a hard working but a terrible husband, having women on the side, having more children that to this day my mom and her silbings about know how many half siblings they have only meeting a few when my grandfather was on his death bed. After my grandfather fell ill his hard work started to spill and after he died the other of my uncles started taking care of the land but the farm was never the same.

      When I asked my mother and aunt if they would be like my grandamother they both said no. Their reason for the answer is because she never said no to people, never refusing anything people would tell her to do. They said she wasn't completely happy, but she lived an okay life loving all her children. The part of her life that was happy was with her sister, she loved her sisters getting along really well with them, even when they grew old, She saw and spoken to them before she died that was her last goal in life and she accomplished it.

  She was  nice mother, like anyother mother, she care for her kids the best she could. The thing that would stop her from being a great mother was the role she played as wife, letting her husband control whatever she did, she couldn't step out of the kitchen unless she need to molk the cows or wash clothes and get water. All her work was for her husband, who treated her like she was nothing only there to make children and cook.

"Ahh my mom called around 11 saying she passed away.. it was our dad that told me about it, I didn't know how to feel because I didn't get to see her before she died. I cried for awhile after because it finally hit me that I won't get to see her again. It was a hard time and specially when our mom came back.. she was a shell and that's when I started to become your mom and stared to taking more control.. Mamita (grandmother) did have a big role in my life when she was her with us, she would teach me how to sew and clean and wash when parents had to go to work, she would make me listen to her pray and tell me stories about how it was when she lived back in Mexico, she always wanted to play basketball and would love going to soccer games when I started playing, she was the most gentle, outgoing, exciting old person I've had a privilege to have in my life next to our mother." Yajaira Carrillo

'At one point I was thankful to God that she felt because I couldn't see her surf anymore, but at the same time I felt like all my famil was gone, like it wouldn't be the same going to her house now that she was gone,' A. Morales

On Februray 27, 2014 my grandmother died after having a successful hip surgery. Before she died she said she never wanted machines to keep her live she wanted to died how she was, but her wishes weren't granted and they hooked her up to machines while her children watched. They knew she was unhappy in her last hour. 

When I asked my mom about how she felt when my grandmother died. She didn't say much. She was and is still heart broken. Being the youngest she had "less" time being with her mom. My mom changed a lot after my grandmother passing away, but she tries her best to remeber her happy. All her children miss her but I feel like my mom misses her more.



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Thank you for reading my Grandmothers life.