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Featuring  Bobbi-Lee Lintner, Sandra Geddes, Kristen Allison & More

 3 of Cups Tarot

    Valentine's Edition 

Welcome to the Valentine's Edition of our community E-zine. We have love on our minds at the moment of course so this edition follows that theme, with all aspects of love covered from romance to friendship and everything in between.  Pull up a seat, grab some wine and enjoy. 

Happy Valentine's Day,

Sandra, Mia, and Bobbi-lee.

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Love, the flutters in your stomach, the giddiness when they walk by, the ceaseless visions of your future together. 

Lust, the fire in your blood, the unquenchable want of their body, an unbearable need for satisfaction.

The Holy Ghost, that fleeting breath of the Gods which fuels your obsession, for good or bad, and drives you single-mindedly towards the Tarot reader, who can draw from their cards something that tells you your crush feel the same aching as you do. 

Then, your reader pulls the 7 of Cups, the Lovers, the 7 of Pentacles, and the 3 of Pentacles. 

“Well, it looks like you’ve got some work ahead of you.” They say. “This relationship is still new, and nothing is set yet. There is lots of work to be done.”

“But do they feel the same? Do they love me, want to be with me, and should I pursue them? Are they my soulmate?”

Your reader sighs, and changes the tone of the reading.

Love, Lust, and the Holy Ghost.

by Bobbi-Lee Lintner

 “It’s too early to tell, but if you take the proper steps forward, it looks like things could work out in the long run, just make sure not to get carried away in wishful thinking.”

Happy with knowing your crush is in fact your soulmate, and you two will have a lovely future so long as you set realistic standards, you pay and leave your reading on light feet. Later that night, when you text them and declare your eternal love and reveal to them your soulmate status, they pull back and anything that may have been fizzles out. Obviously, that reader wasn’t worth shit. 

Or were they?

Love readings are some of the hardest for readers to interpret. It takes a gentle touch and a light hand to balance what the cards give in relation to the question, and the hopes of the client. While lying is never the way to go, how do you approach a reading where the client is bent on getting answers to a question you have no real way of getting an answer to?

In my experience, getting them to focus on themselves instead of another person is the better way to go (if possible, we’ve all had that one client. Hell, we’ve all been that one client.). When they ask questions focused on others, remind them that they’ll have better results if they focus on themselves, since they cannot control the actions or emotions of another person.

For example, instead of “Will we ever be together?”, try “What can I do to prepare myself for a new relationship?”. Instead of “Do they love me?”, try “How can I better accept/receive love?”. Instead of “When will I find my soulmate?”, try “How can I grow to attract a healthy relationship?”.

 Any reading is better when it is focused on the self, because we are 100% in control of our emotions, actions, thoughts, and growth, however when it comes to love, so many of us forget this simple truth. We look to tarot for self-empowerment, for help plotting a future course, and yet we skip the most important part of this when our hearts are concerned:

Take care of yourself first! 

Love yourself, especially on the days when it’s hard to do. Love your wrinkles, signs of a life lived and survived. Love your extra weight, signs of abundances many in the world don’t get to experience. Love your health, for even if it’s shit, it hasn’t given up on you yet. Love your skin colour, for it is a beautiful mixture of the tones of those who came before you, and their heritage and legacies carried on in you.

Lust for yourself, for who you are at your greatest potential. Lust for goals completed. Lust for ladders climbed. Lust for glass ceilings shattered. Lust for happiness, joy, peace, and contentment. Lust for the things that matter, not shit you won’t even care about a year from now. Lust for your dreams, knowing you can pull them from the stars with all the passion and determination you’ve got in your soul.

(C) Bobbi-Lee Lintner 2018

Breathe in the Holy Ghost, the Divine, the breath of life. Rejuvenate, invigorate, and re-inspire. Give some air to that flame you have inside of you, the thing that fuels lust and love. Recognize you Divinity, that you are an impossible being with stardust in your DNA and the secrets of the universe in your soul. Breathe in the Holy Ghost, called so because it is felt, experienced, but never seen, never tangible. Believe in it, believe in yourself. Reach high, and be lifted by the wings of your spirit. 

When faced with a string of shitty relationships and bad partners, ask the cards what you can do to grow and break this pattern, not when you’ll find someone better. When faced with heartbreak, don’t ask why they left, what you did wrong, or when they’ll be back. Ask about what you can learn, what you need for healing, and what you can work on to avoid this situation in the future. When you have a deep crush on someone and just NEED to know if they feel the same, don’t you dare touch those cards and ask that. Instead, ask if a relationship between you two would be healthy for you, if it is something you should re-evaluate, what the pros/cons are of trying to move things forward. When having marital problems, asking what your partner’s feeling/thinking/doing is the most tempting thing of all. Instead, though, ask for hidden problems, insecurities at play, karmic issues, or differing view points. Which of your negatives is coming up, where is it coming from, and how can you best handle it?

Focusing on self-care, self-awareness, personal growth, and building confidence is, in my experience, much more achievable with your cards than peering into the mind of another and getting solid answers. Bettering yourself and growing self-love is not only healthy, but will actually attract people who are good matches for you, strengthen or weed out existing relationships, and create more stability when you take a chance on someone. In the end, Self-care is the answer to all love readings, so why not start there in the first place?

Bobbi-Lee Lintner has been a student of of the Tarot since she was 17. Symbology and art are passionate pursuits for her, and Tarot mixes these passions in an insightful and practical way. She one day aspires to create her own decks, as well as author books, and delve deeper into her spiritual pursuits. She is one of the 3 'Cups' of 3 of Cups Tarot.

(C) Kristen Allison 2018

Kristen is a card reader, blogger and teacher. You can find out more about her work at Over The Moon Magic

The Love Jones Spread is a snapshot of a blossoming relationship. It reveals how the seeker views the relationship, how they are dealing with conflict in the relationship, their level of commitment to the partner, and what they're waiting for or wish to happen. If you want to perform the reading for both the seeker and their partner (to compare and contrast), pull an additional card for the partner for each position. This spread is based on the article, Six Lessons from the Film Love Jones.

The Love Jones Spread 

By Kristen Allison

"If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?"  - RuPaul 

We all think of love in terms of our relationship with others, but what about our relationship with ourselves? When did you last truly celebrate yourself or revel in your own awesomeness?  This spread is inspired by Ru, one of my favourite icons of empowerment and self love, and her search for Charisma, Uniqeness, Nerve and Talent on TV's Drag Race. 

Why not shuffle your cards this Valentines and discover your own. 

Charisma - What is your most attractive quality or trait? 

Uniqueness - What stands you out from the crowd?

Nerve - In what way are you brave? 

Talent - What do you not give yourself enough credit for? 

The C.U.N.T Spread for Self love. 

by Sandra Geddes 

Sandra Geddes is an intuitive Tarot reader and mentor from London, UK. You can find her reading services and blog at When she is not reading, teaching or writing about Tarot she loves books, music, movies and long naps. She is one of the 3 'Cups' of 3 of Cups Tarot. 

Be honest with your answers, write them down and pop them somewhere you can see them. That way you won't forget how wonderful you are anytime soon.  

I'd suggest following this spread with a large glass of wine , a long hot bath and your favourite choccies. 

(C) Sandra Geddes 2018


It spills from the eyes when it spills from the heart. 

It is felt is the silence between thoughts and the stillness between dreams. 

It is present in the pause between moments and the spaces between our words. 

So learn to read between the lines. 


Not always a flurry of butterflies, not always calm and safe.

Sometimes it’s quick as lightning.

Sometimes it’s as slow as drowning.

Always, it leaves us breathless. 


Never just romantic, but deeper than that.

Souls brushing against each other.

Souls testing each other.

Souls understanding each other.

A Tarot inspired love poem. 

By Bobbi-Lee Lintner 


An unbearable, paradoxical decision

To break your own heart so that,

One day, you can find true happiness.


(C) Bobbi-Lee Lintner 2018

Love Readings : The Good, The Bad and the Spooky!

By The 3 of Cups Tarot Community 

We've all pulled cards for to see if there's a future with that new love interest or not, or in some cases had them pulled for us. The group shared some of their experiences, from the good to the strange! 

"When I was first seeing my Yeti , so about 13 years ago now, I pulled cards on our relationship and got the 3 of Swords. I felt at the time it was because he had feelings for someone else. Turned out he did, he was getting over an unrequited crush. Took him a while to really open up to me, but he did enough to marry me 9 years ago." - Sandra G 

"I was making a big move to another state and asked the cards what was going to come for me there. I kept getting the 5 of Pentacles, which scared the heck out of me. It was the RWS deck, with the man on crutches. I was afraid it meant I was going to have a hard time making a financial go in my new city. But how this card manifested was in my romantic life there. I had a pivotal relationship with a man who turned out to be not very nice... and who was on crutches from a motorcycle accident. This relationship taught me a lot of important lessons about myself. The woman on that card was walking ahead of the man on crutches and, looking back, she was showing me my efforts to get away from that guy." Barbara L 

"I got a reading I totally disregarded at a fair that announced the betrayal of my dearest friend at the time, as well, the reader told me that the man I'd next be in a relationship with would be the man I'd marry and he would be blond.

I said, hell no! I couldn't be more turned off by blond guys!

Here we are now! And my friend showed his true colours in a matter of months!

Lesson: Don't disregard crazy readings."
- Maria H 

"When Ryan and I first started dating 8 years ago, I drew cards for us, got Tower, Devil, Lovers, Temperance, and the Ace of Cups (I was not reading with the full minor arcana at the time, just aces and courts + Majors).

Within the first year of our relationship, every single one of those cards ruled our lives- we went through 2 unexpected pregnancies, another woman, experiencing undefined and overwhelming love, learning to balance a newborn and an infant relationship, etc...

To this day, The Devil and the Ace of Cups haunt us- Even our wedding day numerology came out the Devil! Though we, mostly, have learned Temperance's lesson so we handle our shit way better now." - Bobbi-Lee L 

"OK I came home and showed my grandmother my engagement ring and she told me congratulations and went upstairs with the Tarot cards at which point she came back down and told me I would not marry Greg. Ha ha what does my grandmother know my very young 19-year-old self asked? We broke up about three months later. I went to a wedding. With a date mind you, I think his name was Steve. My grandmother said to me my cards tell me you’re wasting your time. There was this weird guy at the wedding he kept hitting on me even though I had a date. He asked for my phone number, he was a little cocky for my liking. I gave him my phone number thinking I would teach them a lesson. The first time he called my grandmother told me the man you going to marry was on the phone you didn’t pick up. We finally managed a date six months later, we were engaged six months after that married in six months after that we had our first child. I guess the cards were right we have been married for 33 years, " - Betty-Jane W 

The three of us spent the rest of his shift talking while he delivered mail to various places in Banker’s Hall downtown. We skipped right over the small talk, jumping into esoteric beliefs and thoughts, poetry and literature, fashion, food, and travel. Which ancient cultures were most fascinating, how can quantum sciences explain magic, do multi-dimensional rules and concepts play a factor in spiritual beliefs of demons, angels, and faeries? I was addicted to him, to his mind. His intelligence and knowledge pushed on mine, and his wits and humor matched too. I knew we’d never get away from each other. Not when I could make him laugh so easily, and he could read my thoughts and answer them before I could try (and fail) to explain them clearly. 

Tyler and I moved in together 6 months later, after pushing ourselves deeper into friendship than I’d ever thought remotely possible. Tarot, magick, ritual, spirituality, fandoms, books, games… everything told me this was a good idea, that this would work out, and we’d just keep getting closer and closer until, maybe one day, we accidentally merged souls and vanished (individually) altogether. Then I fell in love, and nothing in the world prepared me for how absolutely amazing my life would become.

I got pregnant, he stayed with me through it, despite his intense fear of hormonal women and distaste for children, and when my baby was born, he bonded much easier than either of us thought he would. As my son grew, my soulmate grew too, bringing out sides I’ve never seen in him before, sides I didn’t know he could develop. When I got pregnant again a few years later, he told me 2 was his threshold, and while I laughed at him for it, I see the truth in his statement every day.

I knew him the instant I met him. 

He was in the middle of a shift, and I was with a mutual friend dropping off some baked goods to brighten his mediocre day and, hopefully, ease some stress. 

There was no guessing, there was no fear, no wondering if he felt it to. We looked at each other, and as our friend introduced us, I walked up to hug him, and as he wrapped his arms around me, he said “There you are, darling. It’s good to see you again.” 

The Soul Wants Who It Wants.

by Bobbi-Lee Lintner

That completely ordinary day 9 years ago, doing completely ordinary things, led to completely overhauling my life, all because my soulmate came and completely capsized the boat I was on. I went from a sailor, who navigated the surface of the sea, to a mermaid who navigates their depths, and he’s been with me, unfailingly, this whole time. My neurotic, chaotic anchor, who stood beside me in October when I married another man, because Tyler is gay and soulmates don’t require a romantic connection. Ryan, the father of my children, the object of my love and lust, and partner to my life, is not the one my soul needs. Ryan is my heart’s choice, my heart’s core, but Tyler completes my soul. 

I tried SO hard for so many years to get my cards to agree that Ryan was my soulmate. Obviously he had to be, I mean, I loved him, he loved me, we got along well, rarely fought, had amazing passion. Our interests didn’t line up perfectly, but that was never an obstacle- it gave us places to teach each other, to stay engaged with each other. We partnered well, we overcame so much. How, after all of that, could my cards not see that clearly Ryan was my soulmate?

 Yet, when I drew cards asking, it was always the same. The Devil. The Devil. The Devil. Never Strength, always The Devil.  

It wasn’t until I asked why, not who, that I got my answers. Silly girl, the cards said, your soulmate is there to fill up that which you can’t get from your romantic relationship. I stared at the cards to probably 10 minutes before laughing out loud at how blind and single-minded I’d been. 

Ryan and I are perfectly suited in every way, except the ways where Tyler and I are. Ryan cares not for spirituality, magicks, tarot, and the occult, and yet my soul needs these, it thrives on and flourishes with them as a base. Tyler feeds that which keeps me alive, that which makes me myself.

 The soul wants who it wants, and not always for the reasons we see. Don’t argue with it though, it knows better. Chances are, this soulmate is someone you’d never have thought possible, someone your clients have discounted for that role, or someone who has yet to saunter into your life. Soulmates are not required to be romantic- hell, they aren’t even required to be a different gender. Your sister, your hair stylist, your ex-boyfriend-now-friend all qualify. So, this Valentine’s Day, when doing soulmate readings for yourself or clients, keep an open mind, an open heart, and an open perspective!

(c) Bobbi-Lee Lintner 2018

"I like Sensual Wicca deck for relationship spreads. However because of the extent of the nudity some may be uncomfortable with it. I use it a lot for myself though "- Kawthar I

"I use the Anna K Tarot a lot for matters of the heart queries. The depictions of people are lovely. Another gorgeous deck, but more goddess-centric is Tarot de St Croix." - Margo B 

"Any Paulina Cassidy deck, because her art is uplifting and gentle, and most people need that when dealing with Love". - Bobbi-Lee L 

"Morgan Greer for when some tough love is needed. I happened to be using it while going through a rough one. It didn’t pull any punches and the serious looks on those faces didn’t allow me to sugarcoat even when reading for myself. " - Kimberly E 

"Tarot of the Hidden Realm because it shows close ups of the people and gives a real sense of what they are feeling".- Karen A

"I find that Crystal Visions has a gentle vibe to it that suits love reads." - Sandra G 

We asked our community members if they had a favourite deck to use for love and relationship readings. Here's some of what what they had to say.

Favourite decks for love and romance readings.

by the 3 of Cups Tarot Community 

The Emperor

While this may not seem like a sexy card at first glace, think about the control, rules and boundaries this archetype is so fond of. Add in its connection to the Fire element and well.. Mr Grey will see you now ;) 

The Ace of Wands 

You don't get much more phallic and suggestive than the Ace of Wands, especially in the RWS version.  In this context, this card represents pure sexual energy and passion waiting to be unleashed.  

The Devil 

The Devil represents our basest desires, addictions and obsessions. In the context of a sex reading that's no different. Be prepared to not leave the bedroom any time soon and go through every fetish and fantasy you've ever head. 

The Tower 

Prepare to have your world completely rocked and turned upside down when this card appears in your sexy spread. It could also represent angry break up sex, swearing and claws included. I hope the bed is insured.. 

Relationship readings aren't always about romance and flowers. Sometimes the subject at hand is far more.. physical ;)  If you're using the cards to look at your sex life, whether its what coming up or how to spice things up, these are some of the cards you may draw and some possible sexy interpretations for them. 

Sex and the Tarot

by Sandra Geddes  

The Empress

The Empress is ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty and just oozes fierce Goddess energy. This is the ultimate expression of divine femininity and exploring what makes us , physical, sexual beings. 

We can't talk about the sexy side of the cards without a mention of the Court personalities as lovers. These are my opinions only and not meant to imply there's no more to each card. 

The Pages  

The four Pages are the young teenage lovers, the virgins and fumbling first timers. They may be eager , curious and full of potential, but they just don't have the skill or experience to match it yet. Be gentle with them. 

The Knights

These guys and girls are a definite sexual step up from the Pages with a fair bit more practice under their belts.  

Mr/Ms Swords will sweep you off your feet with their dazzling conversation skills and then seal the deal with inventive and imaginative bedroom ideas. Be open to the idea of phone sex and naughty text messages coming through at work. 

Mr/Ms Wands will charm you with their looks and charisma, but once they get their night with you are hard to pin down and keep from playing the field.  You may not get past the one night stand or intense fling stage, but they will be passionate and playful while it lasts. 

Mr/Ms Pentacles will likely have the good, steady job and nice car, but when it comes to things in the bed department, they left the receipt for their sex appeal at the library. These type are loyal and trustworthy, but don't expect sparks. 

Mr/Ms Cups the sensitive romantic, this lover will wine you, dine you and leave you thirsty for more. Their quest is to please you and fulfil your every desire. You don't even have to tell them what you like, their heightened intuition just knows. 

The Kings and Queens

The Kings and Queens are the most experienced lovers, being masters of their elemental traits.  All of the potential of the Page energy combines with more patience than a Knight can muster,  to blow you away in the bedroom. 

They could be an older man/woman, or someone in your own age range. They will rarely represent a younger person in my experience. The type that really steps things up here in my mind, is Pentacles. This King or Queen likes to get down to basic, primal sex and even take it outdoors. They still likely won't be that spontaneous, but food play and luxurious feeling silks and satins, could well be on the menu, The way to an Earth guy or girls heart is through their senses after all. 

There are many more cards that have a sexy side of course, what are some of your favourites? Will you be reading on your love life this V-day? You could also pick your favourite sexy card and have a go at channelling its energy into your relationship or even to help you attract the new partner of your dreams.

Have fun and always Tarot safely ;) 

This quarterly E-zine is written by our community, for our community. It's a great chance to share your writing, reviews, poetry and art. If you would like to submit a piece for a future issue, please email Our only request is that it is cartomancy related, written by you and preferably previously unpublished.