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Diary of Anne Frank

Copyright date:1947

Character Description




Anne frank was a 13 year old girl who was Jewish. She lived with her family which included her sister Margot, Mother Edith, and dad Otto. They lived in a small house but one day had to move out. Anne had a pretty easy time understanding what was happening and dealing with it until the first year passed. After a year Anne started to get upset and she found a love interest. She was pretty mature for her age and she kept a diary for every important events that has happened to her in the holding experience.


Margot Frank- Margot Frank was 16 year old Jewish girl, who was the older sister of Anne frank. She was often the one that had to act mature and keep the family together because Anne didn't have to power to. She often wishes she could be like Anne due the little responsibilities she has to handle. She is a very shy and quiet person that likes giving advice to her little sister.


Mrs Frank- Mrs Frank was the mother of Margot and Anne Frank. She really didn't talk that much because she was also scared of what was happening in the outside world. Her role with the children were very small because they weren't close after hiding with each other for 2 years. She wasn't that loved by Anne and often got depressed.


Otto Frank- Otto Frank was the father of Anne and Margot and husband of Mrs. Frank. He had a very close relationship to Anne and usually was the only to have a strong relationship with Anne. He did everything to make sure they could have stayed in hiding for the longest they could and often gave advice to Anne and said things so Anne wouldn't get scared.



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Peter Van Daan- Peter van daan was an 18 year old boy who played Anne’s love interest in the book. He started of as a minor role in the movie with little action happening to him. Later on as thing moved forward he and anne started to become a lot closer. After they started talking they began dating pretty much throughout the rest of the movie. He also helped Anne throughout the rough times.


Setting Summary

The diary of Anne frank only really has one main setting. The setting would take place in Amsterdam. Holland, in a secret Annex in their friends house who was helping to keep them in hiding. There was 2 doors and a staircase leading right up when you walk into the annex. As you walk in there is a door to the right, staircase in the middle, and another door on the left. If you take the door on the left that's where you would find Mr and Mrs franks bedroom where they slept, but also where the franks stayed when they had a small portion of the day to relax. Then if you go into the door in their room you would find margot's room, then next tot that you would find Anne's room that she also shared with Mr, Dussel. The if you go upstairs you have the van Daans room and also the kitchen where everyone eats and hangs out.

Plot Summary

The diary of Anne frank is based on a true story. This event/book is about how there is a family called the Franks and they are a jewish family that needs to go into hiding. They stay at their friend's house in their secret annex, which is a bookshelf that you can move that leads into a door with a bunch of rooms. The franks and a few other families including the Van Daans and Mr Dussel, have to stay there for 2 years. They have to get food occasionally while the family that lives in the house has to sneak it in at certain hours, The frank family consist of Anne frank, Mr and Mrs frank, and Margot Frank. Anne and Margot are pretty close until they suddenly stop talking to each other, and Margot gets upset that Anne does not tell her things anymore. So that leads into Anne starting to talk to one of the Van Daans which is name peter. The franks and the Van daans didn't get along that well. It was a struggle for them to hide but eventually after 2 years they get found.


My opinion

Personally I liked the movie, Diary of Anne Frank. What I like about it is how it was based on a true story and I got to see what life was really like for them. I think it was a pretty accurate representation of the real event. I like how they also made the characters look like the real people from the event. Something about the movie that makes me like it is how even though it is a sad event they made parts that were uplifting without ruining the concept of what should really be happening. Even though it was a sad event and movie I still enjoy the movie.

Would I recommend

I would recommend this book. The reason I would recommend this movie is because of the detail. The detail is so precise with what the real event was. It's exactly how you would've thought the real thing would be. It's a sad movie but they also leave parts out that would be a little to sad. Also it's a lesson to never forget what happened and there are a lot of valuable things you can take out of it. That's why I would personally recomend this movie.

Greek Genocide

On October 28th 1940, the start of the Greek Genocide has started, a genocide is a mass killing of one set group of people.. One of the popular genocides was a popular resistance and lasted through the years of 1941-1944. All of this took place during the time that world war II was going on. The point of the genocide was that that they wanted all of the christian minorities of the ottoman empire to be gone. This resistance was mainly controlled by the Nazi germans, Italy and Bulgaria, because they were their main allies.


During the Greek resistance they had two major goals, one of them was to occupy armies of greece and then the other was to get any form of any military action out, which was against the two main groups. Unfortunately the greece people had a very rough time because they had a big downfall which lead to ten of thousands of Greek people to not have jobs and no money. This caused many of them to flee the country in hope to find bigger and better opportunities.



How This Genocide is Similar to the holocaust

This genocide was actually very similar to the holocaust. Both of which there was a group trying to kill a large race and group of people, even thought the holocaust was more severe and larger, they both where a mass killing. Both of the enemies trying to kill where germans but the greek one had other killers where in which the holocaust just had the germans. Something that was also similar is that they were both going on during some period of war of around a war. That's what they have in common and share.

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