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Exposing the Myths


Puberty is when a girl or boy goes through changes into a young adult. These changes normaly happen at 10-14 for girls and 12-16 for boys.

In this booklet, it will explain a series of myths and stories about puberty. 


If you haven't started puberty by 10, you should see a doctor.

Puberty starts at different times and ages for different people.


Puberty is when a girl or boy goes through changes into a young adult. Puberty starts at different rates for different people. These changes normaly happen at 10-14 for girls and 12-16 for boys. It is possible that some boys and girls may experience these changes later, and earlier too. If you are concerned that these changes may be happening late (or early), go and talk to your doctor.


Remember puberty happens at different times and it is important not to compare yourself to others.

Myth: "Constantly having mood swings means there's something wrong with you."

Constantly going through mood changes is apart of puberty. Going through mood swings is completly normal, every one goes through them. During puberty, mood swings is a common thing to happen, going through physical changes, emotional changes and chemical changes. 


Mood swings usualy start when puberty begins. When the body starts producing sex hormones it causes physical and emotional changes.



Depresion is  mix of sad, moods, impaitents and not caring. If you start feeling depressed or feel like hurting yourself, that is when you see a doctor.



It is important to know that when you are going through mood swings that you are not alone.

MYTH: Eating Junk Food/Chocolate Causes Acne

 Most people advise that when you are a teenage you must avoid pizza, chocolate, greazy and fried food because it causes acne or makes it worst. 


TRUTH: Acne is caused when oil glands are stimulated during puberty. Although oil is a natural substance that protects the skin, sometimes closed cells on the surface block up the openings of sebaceous glands and causes the build up of oil. Then that oil activates bacteria and causes some skin tissues to break and become inflamed (acne).


Even though junk food is not good for your general health, reseach shows that dairy products (cheese, milk) and high glycemic foods ( rice cakes, honey, white bread and some junk foods) have been shown to cause acne.


Therefore junk food is not the main reason for the development of acne. But eating junk food regularly can cause other health problems, so choose healthy foods.   



MYTH: When you shave, the hair grows back thicker and darker


Cutting or shaving hair does not make it thicker or darker. The shaft of the hair is darker and coarser at the root than at the tip, therefore cutting it near the root makes it appear more course and darker in colour.