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 Basma Naji

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                                                                               Hip Hop Poetry 


I Like sometimes Against the world I feel I can do it and I'm always I do the bast in my life  and I don't let the pressure make me panic  I know someone hurts me a lot and the life not always give me happiness. 


by showing the same meaning you could against the world when you in the right way and do not let anyone make you panic from something.

An example of meaning in my poem is: 

"Always do you best don't let the pressure make you panic"

Always repeat .''I am capable I can achieve all my ambition no matter what the circumstances''. Imagine that you are in the place you dream of, and watch yourself speak about you, live moment to live in your depths and believe in your mind inside you open files of positive success.


by showing Some thing  about life and also talk about change from negative to positive .

money taking and heart breaking you wonder why women hate men , The women hate men because some men love their interest more than anything and they shoot before they thinking what they do or say .

End Rhyme

by talking about money can get or take ,but heart it can be . and also why women hate men because their sleepy and the   punk, domestic violence men .

Thank you  

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