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In Mexico City you can..... Take a trajineras in Xochimilco Go to the Chapultepec castle Go to the Chapultepec zoo Go to visit Inbursa acuarium

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In Mexico City you can...

Take a trajineras in Xochimilco

Go to the Chapultepec Castle

Go to the Chapultepec Zoo

Go to the Inburs Acuarium

Take a trajinera in Xochimilco

Xochimilco is in the south of the city and to be able to tackle a trajinera there are three different stations.
Las tejineras are a means of teransporte for tourists who explore Xochimilco, the trajineras are very beautiful, with many colors. The trajineras are a touristic toristico.

The trajineras go on a river that can take you to the Island of the Dolls. The trajineras are for people and the costs can range from 600 pesos to 2000 pesos.

It is one of the most historic architectural monuments in Mexico. Built as a place of retreat for Spanish viceroys in 1785, the works were interrupted by independence struggles, so it was finished as a military academy and then remodeled by Maximilian of Habsburg first and by Porfirio Díaz afterwards. As a curiosity, the building has a boulevard that served as a direct passage between the imperial residence and the center of the city, what we know today as Paseo de la Reforma. The castle is currently the headquarters of the National Museum of History, with an important collection of paintings, photographs, documents and objects that teach the evolution of the Mexican country. What if. You will want to take a picture in the murals of Juan O'Gorman, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros. They are spectacular.

Go to the Chapultepec Castle

The Chapultepec Zoo created an important breeding program at the end of the 20th century and became one of the first establishments in the world to breed giant pandas. Observe these special animals and along with 2,000 other species, from butterflies to a hippopotamus. 
Walk through the seven areas of the zoo, which include desert, grassland, coast, tundra, aviary, temperate forest and tropical rainforest. Each one has the appropriate climate and vegetation to meet the needs of resident animals. There are special spaces dedicated to reptiles and butterflies. 
While pandas are the zoo's most popular residents, make sure you look for your favorite animals. You will see antelopes and zebras in pastures and sea lions and penguins in water habitats. Orangutans and gorillas demonstrate interesting behavior, similar to human behavior.

Go to the Chapultepec Zoo

The inspiration to build Aquarium Inbursa is a product of the serious deterioration of marine ecosystems and the need to raise awareness among people and help conserve the marine world. Be part of this great experience and join as a crew member in our amazing adventure. Inspire passion for marine life. The Inbursa Aquarium is not only an exhibition center, it is mainly a conservation center where we are all part of the commitment to care for and protect our animals and oceans. The Conservation Center (CECONSE), is composed of a group of specialists who work daily in the perfect state of the water analysis, prepare the diets of each of the species, take care of the quarantines and supervise the reproduction of the species as seahorses, jellyfish, brine shrimp, among others.

Go to visit the Inbursa Acuarium


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