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                 Walt Disney 

By: Nivedh Koya


I chose Walt Disney as my animator because he is a very famous animator with many talents. He was an amazing animator for a very long time. 

He was born on December 5, 1901. In Hermosa, Illinois.He and his brother Roy co-founded Walt Disney Productions, he was an innovative animator and created the cartoon character Mickey Mouse. He won 22 Academy Awards during his lifetime, and was the founder of theme parks Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  


Walt Disney was a pioneer in the field of animated, or cartoon, films. He became famous for creating such well-known characters as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

At an early age Walt had a gift for drawing and painting. While attending high school he took art classes to develop these skills. Disney left school to serve as an ambulance driver during World War I.

In 1923 Disney moved to Hollywood, California. There he began creating the characters that would make him famous.  

A pioneer and innovator, and the possessor of one of the most fertile imaginations the world has ever known, Walt Disney, along with members of his staff, received more than 950 honors and citations from throughout the world, including 48 Academy Awards and 7 Emmys in his lifetime.

Walt Disney’s personal awards included honorary degrees from Harvard, Yale, the University of Southern California, and UCLA; the Presidential Medal of Freedom; France’s Legion of Honor and Officer d’Academie decorations; Thailand’s Order of the Crown; Brazil’s Order of the Southern Cross; Mexico’s Order of the Aztec Eagle; and the Showman of the World Award from the National Association of Theatre Owners.


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