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Intro Fall 2016

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ApacE CP
Fall 2016
Sydney | New York | Singapore | Spain
Real Estate Fund Management, Development & Advisory Services
APAC Euro Capital Partners (“ApacE”) is a joint Australian/Singapore
domiciled company comprising a collaboration of highly experienced
international principals specialising in:-
Hospitality development and investment
Student housing and short stay real estate development
Funds management
Capital markets advisory
APAC and European cross-investment
Our bandwidth allows us access to the global capital markets to
support our investment and advisory initiatives
We operate through individual companies incorporated in each
location where are specific projects are located
Global Footprint
New York
Our Capabilities
Execution of
Investment &
Regional Focus in APAC - Mid-Market Accommodation
APAC presents a compelling opportunity for mid-market
accommodation growth, with the rising affluence of millennial
consumers travelling for a mix of leisure and business, and the
rapid rate of population growth and wealth creation
ApacE has secured a proprietary relationship with a leading
multinational hospitality brand to introduce a new mid tier
brand to Australasia and beyond
ApacE will extend its fund-raising capability to create the
investment vehicle/s to fund opportunities in Asia and
Australasia with an initial target of $500m for fund and
programmatic capital deployment
Mid-market hospitality accommodation provides
complementary opportunities within ApacE’s simultaneous
focus on programmatic student accommodation development,
as mid-market hotels serve the student accommodation market
with business and visitor demand
Current Project Pipeline
Development of hospitality assets within the ApacE ANZ
Hotels Portfolio which is focused on the construction and
rehabilitation of a minimum of 15 hotel properties within
Australia and New Zealand
Underscored by a proprietary operator relationship with a
leading international brand that wishes to enter the market
The acquisition of hospitality assets shall form part of the
asset allocation for third parties through co-investment
Complementary limited service accommodation solutions
within hospitality schemes
Key locations in addition to ANZ are the Philippines, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Japan and Spain
Focus Area - Mid-Market Hospitality & Limited
Service Real Estate Development & Investment
Current Projects
This execution deals with the programmatic investment in the
development and conversion of student accommodation properties
either as part of a master plan or a standalone opportunity
Our current pipeline of projects includes sites in:
Dublin, Ireland
Belfast, United Kingdom
Continental Europe
Gold Coast, Australia
Murdoch, Perth, Australia
Spain, Madrid and the Coast
Focus Area - Student Accommodation
APAC Euro Advisory Services (AEAS) deploys its extensive reach and capital relationships to develop solutions for the funding needs of clients in
the following areas:-
Project Finance
Joint Ventures
Master Plan & Mixed Use
Programmatic Capital Deployment
Fund Capital
RMBS/CMBS Liquidity
Asset & Portfolio Finance
Advisory Services
A sample of our current assignments include:
Programmatic & Fund Development; Hospitality & Mixed Use Schemes- APAC Region (Proprietary)
Development Financing; Australia’s Gold Coast (Confidential)
Mixed Use Development Financing; UK/Ireland (Partnership)
Residential and Commercial Lending Platforms; Foreign Nationals & Refinance APAC & US, Commercial Origination (Confidential)
Offshore Banking; Shareholder Capital & Securitized Lending (Confidential)
Hotel Portfolio Acquisition Finance (Confidential)
Advisory Services Current Mandates
Investment Opportunity Summary
ApacE will operate a discretionary & managed
capital deployment structure according to LP
requirements and mandates
Our core investment focus will be on APAC mid-
market hospitality and Pan Euro and APAC
Hospitality and Student Accommodation
Our ambition is to establish the initial fund to
facilitate our core strategies in mid-market
Hospitality in Australasia and discretionary
Student Accommodation opportunities across our
focus markets
Investor Capital
Fund Management
Direct & Co-
opportunities through
SPV’s & LLC’s
Limited Partners
Our limited partners will be drawn from the institutional investment community and share our complementary mindset and vision
Have allocation and seeking exposure to real property as an asset class
To invest into hospitality and student accommodation schemes
Execute a tightly drawn schedule of programmatic development managed by a well credentialed support team
Work through a clear strategy for development of the portfolio and its eventual disposal to identified parties
Support the core competencies of ApacE throughout its development program either as an investor into one of our fund
structures or directly into individual SPV’s as a co-developer/manager
Looking for large scale deployment of commercial and residential capital into local lending platforms with best in class origination,
underwriting and servicing infrastructure (Third Party Advisory Only)
The Partners in ApacE and APAC Euro Advisory Services are:
Mr. Neil Jeram: Partner, Sydney, Australia / Real Estate Private Equity/Law and Hospitality: Mr. Jeram has spent his career initially in legal
practice from 1987 in the UK and since 1994 in real estate private equity spread between the UK and since 2003 in Australia and Asia. Notable
transactions include acquisitions and capitalisation of shopping centre and commercial real estate portfolios, development of financing
structures for resources and mining houses.
Mr. Kenneth Herzberg: Partner, NYC, USA / Capital Markets and Advisory Services: Mr Herzberg has spent 20 years in senior management
positions in the Commercial Real Estate and Capital Market advisory business with a focus on global market finance. He has spend the last 4
years working on several proprietary housing finance platforms. He was the founding partner of his own advisory firm representing clients on
hospitality and resort projects throughout the U.S, Latin America and the Caribbean. From 2002- 2010 he was the Managing Director of
Carlton Group’s hospitality practice and Capital Markets Director for a real estate development firm in New York City for six years prior.
Mr. Chris Werner: Partner, Singapore/ Real Estate Fund Management: Mr Werner is the CEO of Safeguard Real Estate Management. The firm
is investing in the Asian and European global lodging and residential space. Mr. Werner brings his considerable track record in transaction
sourcing and execution to the ApacE partnership. He has 30 years experience in senior executive operating management roles at country,
regional and global levels across Europe and Asia in banking, private equity, structured financing, and mergers & acquisitions at financial
institutions including Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, and Standard Chartered. He has held corporate executive and non-executive board positions
in Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong, is an economics graduate from Johannes Gutenberg University,
Mainz, Germany, and holds a MSc from London Business School.
Mr. Christian Cadenas [ ]
Strategic Partnerships and Advisors
ApacE benefits from a superior network of principals in being able to leverage significant global Real Estate expertise.
Neil Jeram, Partner, Australia APAC Real Estate Private Equity/Law/ Hospitality, based in Sydney
Cell: + 61 433 946 665
Cell: + 61 421 934 312
Kenneth Herzberg, Partner, US Managing Director Capital Markets & Advisory Services based in New York
Cell: + 1 (917) 848 7900
Cell: +1 (917) 282 5605
Chris Werner, Partner, Singapore - Hospitality and Student Accommodation
Cell: +65 8112 8945
Contacts: Principals/Advisors